Review, “Willow – Wonderland #2” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9)

8 12 2012

So, I have just read the new Buffyverse comic about Willow’s adventures and her quest to bring back magic to Earth.

And I was actually surprised. I liked the introduction to Willow’s miniseries last month, but that was all, liked. But it has gotten me interested to see what was coming up next. And this issue, yes, it has managed to surprise me. I’ll be honest, Willow was never in my list of favorite Buffyverse characters. And DarkHorse’s seasons 8 and 9 just made things worse. To me it just seemed that Willow has gotten too obsessed with magic that she can’t imagine her life without it. Focusing mainly on getting her powers back, than on what is best for the magicless Buffyverse. And in this issue, we see how good is Willow with magic and how much she misses her powers. When the threat appears, she’s ready to face it with a different spell that the one she used in the previous issue. And when she makes a mess because of it, she has again the answer, a purification spell. And when she’s dreaming someone else’s nightmare, she knows exactly the way to get herself out of it.

But of course what makes the issue more interesting is the appearance of Buffy, Dawn and Xander and their connection to her mini. Characters that we’ve missed a lot in the main comic. Xander and Dawn are almost absent so far. And as for Buffy, she’s been missed a lot after the disaster with #14 and #15 and the Billy story (what were they thinking?). Their first appearance was somebody’s nightmare. But whose? Their second appearance is a real thing. Or so I believe. It’s got to be real. And it makes you wonder, immediately, what is going on back on Earth and what is happening with Xander and Dawn. Especially Dawn. I’m so glad that we’ll have more answers on it in a week.

A secondary but more important appearance, as far as this mini story is concerned, is the return of Aluwyn, Willow’s snake-demon lover. And they have both missed each other so much. Aluwyn starts crying when she’s finally able to hold Willow again. And together with her, comes the introduction of a supercoven of witches, in a place called “The Witches’ Paradise”, or else, “The Wellspring”. A place full of witches who have all heard of Willow, thanks to Aluwyn, and admire her because of her knowledge and power. And they help Willow succeed in her first part of her plan, but a huge disappointment and a bad surprise follows which makes Willow cry and the issue ends.

So, it was a very good issue. So far I like Jeff Parker’s writing and I’m getting used to Brian Ching’s art. I will give it a 7 out of 10, thinking that it could have been an 8, even a 9 if Willow was my favorite. But she’s not, and a 7 was not for sure what I believed that I would give it today a month ago after reading the first issue. Nice surprise, and a thanks to the team that made this comic possible.

I recommend it, and can’t wait to read the following issues!




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