Spike’s #5 gets delayed and explanations.

10 12 2012

So, the last issue of Spike’s miniseries was supposed to come out on the 19th of December. Suddenly, a couple of weeks ago, we saw at Dark Horse’s site that the date of it had been moved to January 2nd.

Scott Allie then confirmed in twitter that the issue would be delayed. As he told later in an interview,

The one trick that hasn’t worked out perfectly for us is that we were careful in how we worked out Spike’s departure from his five-issue miniseries and his arrival in “Angel & Faith.” Now, because of some artistic scheduling problems, the fifth issue of Spike is going to be late. If it’s too late, it’ll come out after he’s reappeared in “Angel & Faith.” I don’t think that’s going to happen but, you know, that would be unfortunate. That’s one of the dangers of managing all these different artists and trying to do these really synchronized stories.

And then the date gets changed again to January 23rd. Scott again in twitter explains that it is frustrating for the fans, he knows that, but it is also frustrating to DH as well. And that still, he is not 100% sure that it won’t be delayed even more.

While I’ve been lurking today in Buffyforums, I read fans posting and speculating that the story/script of the final issue has been changed and that that was the reason for the delay. Sometimes it’s so easy to jump into conclusions when you have absolutely no idea of how things work I guess. And especially the Spuffy fandom has been proved to jump into conclusions which come out of nowhere, or perhaps out of their insecurities about the ship, A LOT the past few years. Pity, because I am a Spuffy myself and I hate when that happens and when fans start accusations based on nothing or on just assumptions.

Some days ago, the writer of the miniseries, Victor Gischler, tweeted that
My least favorite writing task: cracking open a “finished” script to change things around.

And that, combined with what Scott Allie said, drove some posters into thinking that the end of the story has been changed and the artist needs time to redraw things.

I didn’t want to bother again the editor, Scott Allie, asking him about it. He’s had the courtesy to reply to me in questions that I’ve had, many times so far. So this time I thought of asking the writer himself, what he has to say about it.
So, here it is.

In Buffyforums, people saw the tweets I’ve had with Scott about the release date of Spike #5, continued with Scott confirming that it will probably come out on the 23rd but not sure yet. And then they combined those tweets with something you’ve tweeted here https://mobile.twitter.com/VictorGischler/status/275959334603726848
So they think that you were told to change the script of the final issue. Any comments on it?

Victor Gischler
Oh, no no no. The Spike #5 script was done a long time ago. I don’t know the reason for the delay…….I also write other stories for other titles and my tweet was about one of those other projects.

I hope that this will stop any speculations that the story has been changed.

And a huge thanks to Victor Gischler!




2 responses

11 12 2012

Thank you, Gigi! I love Victor Gischler’s work and I have a faith in him! I’d wish him and Paul Lee to do and the main tittle. Buffy comics needs better writer and artist, imo!

11 12 2012

Good to get this information on the Spike delay – but it is most unfortunate since the finale to the Spike mini will now be spoiled as I can’t see how his appearance over at A&F will not include info on the ending of his Morgan encounter.

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