March solicitations for Angel & Faith

12 12 2012

Archie Cover

Finally, the solicitations and covers for A&F #20 are out!
So, a nice surprise for Spike fans, as both of the covers have Spike as well 🙂

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Christos Gage (W),
Rebekah Isaacs (A/Variant cover),
Dan Jackson (C),
and Steve Morris (Cover)

On sale Mar 27
FC, 32 pages

Angel is ridiculously close to his goal of resurrecting Giles—when he’s suddenly sidetracked, forcing an unlikely partnership between Faith and Spike. Tensions run high as Slayer and vampire hit the mean streets of London . . .

• Leads directly into the final arc!

• Spike! Center stage!

The Rebekah Isaaks variant cover is a homage to an Archie cover. I have added it in the slideshow.




5 responses

13 12 2012

Thanks for these covers! But I dunno what to say about… I have a bad feeling about Spike’s appearance in A&F. I afraid Mr. Gage will show Spike as an insolent git who is messing into the Angel’s “greatest good” deeds… I’ve expected more of Willow appearance in, but that what I’ve got was what a “brave champion” Angel is saving Willow from her Dark Willow fate and giving her a wholehearted help…
Who knows maybe this time the big Capt. Forehead will “help” Spike to realize that he is not faultless and not better compared with him…
And what’s that “love triangle” with Faith?! Spike never had feelings to her… Maybe Angel will try to contest Spike’s “unlikely ” partnership with her? 🙂
Well, whatever happens I’m looking forward the comics! It’s Spike! 😀

13 12 2012

I think the Archie comics had a running theme of a love triangle and with it being a direct replica I assume that is why they are playing this. Faith definitely looks exasperated so it probably does just fit with their competitive rivalry. I always get faaaar too touchy when they tease romances with Spike for the sake of it. He seems to have this unfair reputation of being a man whore and it makes me snippy. I will try to behave. 😀

13 12 2012

What I think is that everything is a test for Season 10 and the main titles there. The only reason why they have placed Spike into the A&F book for a few issues, is to test fan reaction. I am afraid that Spike won’t be in the Buffy title next season, and they are just testing him to see how would he do alone (his miniseries) and now how would he do if they pair him with Faith in S10.

At the moment I believe they are considering of having 4 main titles in S10.

If Faith pairs with Angel again, Illyria will pair with Spike.
If Faith pairs with Spike, Illyria will pair with Angel.

I don’t know about Willow’s and Buffy’s supporting characters.
Billy for sure and Devon will be with Buffy.
Dawn and Xander, it depends on the end of S9.

13 12 2012

I really think it will be foolish if they go for that many main titles because the financial aspect will be off-putting for people. Adding in the cost for one-shots and minis is very different to committing to two more monthly titles. I wouldn’t do it and I’m pretty carefree about what I spend on BtVS (well I think I am). It spreads the characters too thin and the title that will suffer the most is Buffy’s, as we are currently seeing. I just strongly believe it would be a major mistake to go down that route, even three titles would be pushing it imo. I don’t think they should pair Spike and Faith, they are too similar so there wouldn’t be an interesting dynamic for a title there I don’t think.

13 12 2012

It was also foolish to take away two issues from the main title and give them to Billy and then put him in the main book without any explanation of how, when, what, where? But they did it.

So was the robabortion, but they spent 2 issues building a pregnancy/abortion story only to dismiss it in just 2 pages.

So was the disappearance of two main characters, Xander and Dawn, for so long, but they did it.

I don’t say that I agree with my predictions about S10, but I believe that is where they’re heading.

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