Art Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S09#16

13 12 2012

Ok, I know that I’ve said that I was not going to discuss or say anything about the art in this issue, but I just can’t help it. To be fair, sometime during this week I will do the same thing about Willow’s and Spike’s latest issues, and next week about A&F’s.
Of course my opinion will differ since we’re talking about different artists, but anyway.
So I am starting with Buffy’s latest issue which came out yesterday.

I am going to start with the best panels of our characters 🙂
Three choices per character, maximum! Lets start!
Click on the images for a larger look!

Billy’s best panels!

Buffy’s best panels!

Xander’s best panel!

Dawn’s best panel!

Dowling’s best panel!

Illyria’s best panel!

Best panel of the issue!

And now lets go to the worst panels!
OK, I’m changing the rules here because I’m having a hard time deciding, there are so many of them! So I’ll just put all of them.
Lets start!

Buffy’s worst panels!

Xander’s worst panels!

Dawn’s worst panels!

Dowling’s worst panels!

Illyria’s worst panels!

Billy’s worst panels!

Strange panels…..

Seriously now, the art was all over the place. You can tell that when you see Billy being the only one with good close ups, or when I’m choosing Buffy’s back as her best ones, distance figures and buildings.
The rest of the art was just average. Sometimes good in motion, but that’s all. It reminds me of my days back in Greece when I was a child and I was reading the Popeye comic. At least Popeye and Olive always looked like themselves there.




10 responses

13 12 2012

Your “Is there ANYONE out there who wants to date this guy?” genuinely made me laugh out loud, very good!

The art often has inconsistencies in how people look but this issue was astounding for it, by far the worst I remember seeing and Buffy just looked so ugly in a good percentage of panels. It was simply very disappointing.

13 12 2012

I think that comment together with the “a Chinese next to a werewolf” were my best ones, haha!
Those comments of mine work better when you see the pictures in a bigger scale than in thumbnail, be sure to click on them, haha!

13 12 2012

I’m not sure I can cope with seeing that Dowling pic larger!! Perhaps there is no intention to have Dawn/Xander as blank faces in the Willow mini, perhaps the artist just looked at some of Jeanty’s stuff and thought he was being consistent in removing facial features. 😀

Yeah, I know it is pretty standard for distance shots but I’ve never really liked it. Paul Lee is by far my favourite, closely followed by Rebekah, who only falls to second because her ‘Marvin’ Angel is so box-y. Her Faith is brilliant.

13 12 2012

I like Rebekah’s just a little bit more because she gives more details to her panels. If her Angel looked a little bit better, she would definitely be my No1.
Paul’s art is as good as Rebekah’s he’s just missing the more details that Rebekah gives in her work.
And that is my problem with the Buffy art. I didn’t like the Qurt’Toth arc in A&F, but at least you could see the panels drawn by Rebekah and it made you forget about the story and focus on the art.
That art in Buffy’s #16 is not even average, and I am very sorry to say that.

14 12 2012

Jeanty is really getting worse. I never liked the way he draws Buffy, and his habit not just to make her look 12, but to make her look like an idiot whenever she’s supposed to look happy/smiling, but at least there was justification for “like an idiot” look during the Twilight arc since she wasn’t in her right mind. However, his art got better and I really enjoyed 8.40, 9.01 and 9.06/9.07, but then it got really awful. This is probably his worst issue this season at least.

14 12 2012

Hey, thanks for your comment, I’ve been waiting for you to comment! 🙂

I will disagree. I don’t have now in front of me S08#40 and too bored to check S09#01. But I’ve checked #05-06. In my opinion you can’t have a nice drawn issue when there is no consistency and when characters look like each other.
For example, Jeanty’s Nikki is great…..but change the colors and you have Buffy.
Nikki’s watcher is gorgeous, but one can say that he looks like an older version of Spike.
The one who was totally kicked was Robin, he’s just like the actor!
On the other hand, Buffy is totally average and if somebody doesn’t follow the story he’ll start wondering who was the psycho that got an 11 years old pregnant.
His Spike is simply for laughing. I counted 2 nice panels of him, 4 average, and I can make another post about the rest 30 panels in which he looks ridiculously silly.
But the character who should really feel disappointed is Dowling who doesn’t have, not even one good or average panel. I guess it was a good thing that his looks wasn’t based on a real person, because he would read the issues and cry all over them.
Not to mention the continuity error, having Spike’s reflection in the pool, that had fans wondering and making wild guesses for days that Spike’s humanity somehow came back after his fight with Severin.
So for me, issues 6 and 7 were just average. Some very good work, rest just like in this issue.

14 12 2012

Well, Jeanty’s Buffy pretty much always looks like a pre-teen. Except maybe in 8.40. Body proportions and actor likenesses were never his strengths.

However, his strength is, when he’s at his best, expressing emotion. He did that really well in the issues I mentioned. However, in this issue there is none of that, I can’t think of one single good emotional panel. When she smiles, Buffy either looks like an idiot or creepy (just like in the Guarded arc), and most of the time the drawings don’t express any emotion or are completely failing to convey it. For instance, Dowling is probably supposed to look charming in that awful panel. Jeanty has really gotten lazy

14 12 2012

Ohhh, your art analysis was really funny! I had a big fun reading that and I still have a smile on my face! I never was a fan of Jeanty’s art. Years ago when I started buying the comics I was expecting the art inside to look as good as it looked on the covers. Jo Chen covers are really gorgeous, but when I opened the book I just said “Mehhh!” If I wasn’t a fan of Buffy’s tv. show I probably wouldn’t buy the comics with an art like this…
I laughed at “That’s Illyria, age 10!” And speaking about Spike – there is a panel in Spike web comics where he looks like Tyrion Lannister – with small rickety body and big bobbed head. (oh and big funny nose)! I didn’t want Spike to leave Buffy, but I’m happy that he got his own tittle and one of the best Buffyverse artist – Paul Lee. I can’t wait to see Spike on Angel&Faith. Angel’s fans got such a luck with an artist like Rebekah Isaacs.
I hope that Buffy’s main tittle will also get a better artist for the following season…

14 12 2012

Thanks, honey!
That was the reason of this post, to make you laugh, hence those comments of mine, haha!

14 12 2012

More like, Faith’s fans were lucky to get Isaacs. Her Faith is brilliant, but her Angel looks like a generic square-jawed guy.

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