Review, Angel & Faith #17 (Death and Consequences, Part 2)

19 12 2012

I am going to start with a quick summary of part 1, since I haven’t reviewed it. So, what happened in the previous issue? Angel with Faith went to Peru and picked up the Crown of Coils, which can regenerate dead flesh. When they returned to London, they both went to Giles’s grave, only to find out that his dead body was missing. They returned home, and asked the aunts if they knew anything about it, but they didn’t. The bad surprises didn’t end there though. Nadira and some other slayers went to Faith’s home, knowing already that Angel lives there with her, demanding from him to resurrect a slayer that died from Drusilla’s hand, instead of Giles. The slayers though received a phone call and at the end preferred to try their second option as soon as possible, stopping Nadira from attacking Angel and Faith. But she made sure to inform Faith that the slayers want nothing to do with her anymore, which made Faith very sad and upset and mad at Angel. So, the girls with the dead slayer went to a mansion, where somebody claimed that he could resurrect the dead. And who was that someone? As it was revealed in the last page of the issue, it was Giles himself!

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After the preview pages with the flashbacks to young Giles that you can see in the slideshow, we come back to present, to Faith and Angel. A very devastated and very angry Faith. Her life has been a completely loss. She has lost everything she cared for, everything that has ever given her life any meaning. And that because of Angel, but no more. She doesn’t owe him anything anymore, actually he is the one that owes her now. And Angel promises to give her what she asks or to die trying.

Back to the slayers and Giles. Yes, he can bring back the dead slayer to life as he claims. What he just needs is more people that cared for her, so that he can draw her soul back more easily. And although Nadira seems to be the one that is more skeptical and wary of his methods, to her surprise he actually manages to bring her back! But that wasn’t the end, there is a rather worse surprise coming up for the girls, especially that now all of the slayers are under the same roof with Giles and his minions. Or is there someone else also there in charge of everything? Well, I am not going to reveal everything, read the issue!

It’s an issue about consequences. Not just for messing with the dead, but also for messing with powers you don’t know anything about, that you haven’t studied before summoning them or dealing with them. For messing with the friends that you had promised to take care of. For messing with people that you don’t trust, that you don’t even know. Just like young Giles and his friends had to pay the price, many years ago, for messing with powers they couldn’t comprehend. The same way today, Faith has to pay the price for messing up with the slayers she had promised to guide. Pay the price for losing their trust because she’s helping someone who killed many of them. The same way Nadira and the other slayers have to pay the price for wanting to bring back their dead friend, no matter what. Pay the price for trusting someone who just promised that he could do what they were asking for. Everything comes with a consequence. Not just messing with the dead. Every decision we take had its consequence.

And what’s to come? Will our heroes ever learn from their mistakes? Or will they just keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again? I am sorry to say it, but in this issue I see that Faith instead of going one step forward, she went two steps back, forgetting everything that Giles himself had told her. As for Angel? Well, he’s just the Angel we’ve known for the last 17 issues, focused on his purpose. Good news though is that because of Faith’s and Angel’s decisions and actions the girls may survive this. Or some of them at least. We’ll find out in the two upcoming issues.

I won’t say anything about the art, since I will review it tomorrow when the issue is out, with my own special way. 🙂
Well, actually I will say something, Rebekah has nailed it to the cross again!
Good issue, thanks, team!




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19 12 2012

Great review, if I didn’t have to make a 1st birthday cake right now I would get the digital and read it!! 🙂

19 12 2012

Oh, birthday cake, can I have a piece? Send some, Brussels is not that far away!

19 12 2012

Great review and great issue.

Apparently, writers have forgotten that Eyghon was killed in season 2, but that’s minor quibble. They can always say that Eyghon lived in the people it infected.

So, Giles and Ethan Rayne repeat the fate of Lilah and Wesley who were forced to serve an evil entity even after death.

I wonder if The Crown of Coils has enough energy to resurrect Wesley too. I miss him.

Giles’ “I look like half of parliament” made me laugh. Nice touch.

My guess is that in the next issue Angel and Faith will kill Eyghon, take Giles’ body and fix his neck. (BTW the panel where he turns his head and the broken neck is clearly visible, is quite disturbing.) Then we’ll get a cliffhanger about the actual resurrection. Maybe guest-starring Spike will try to stop it – but, of course, he’ll fail.

And then the consequences will start to happen.

19 12 2012

I have some questions about the issue, but I don’t want to tweet Chambliss about it or comment them here. I’ll keep them for the interview I think, hoping that Christos will spoil something, or at least explain better.

19 12 2012

Oh, I forgot to say that next month I will post an interview that Christos Gage had the courtesy to agree to give me!
(And there is another one coming, but I won’t spoil yet with whom, it’s a surprise!)

19 12 2012

Looking forward to both ;).

I fear the piece of cake may be pretty sad looking by the time it reaches you, it might only be suitable for a certain feathered friend and could put him off his singing!!

20 12 2012

I liked Faith raging at Angel, Angel has a tendency to destroy everybody’s lives around him and unless coming back to haunt him none of his friends or victims get to say something to his face. I hope that won’t kill Faith though

But I didn’t get why is now Faith so much on Angel’s plan to bring back Giles? I mean I could understand if that happened after the reveal that a part of Giles’s soul was trapped in Eyghon’s power (as a mean to free that soul and others of course) but not before ??

Anyway, Ethan got shut, bam bam, Eyghon takes over before the military cremate his body (I suppose that had to be quick, no embalming for official funeral or such) so why would Eyghon need Ethan to take over Giles?

Good luck with the interviews and thanks for the review

20 12 2012

Hi, Anca!

I think that Faith is sick and tired now of doing what other people wait from her to do. Buffy left her Angel, Alasdair and Willow told her to keep an eye on Angel, she was protecting him because she felt like she owed him, but no more. Ever since we’ve met Faith, she’s been trying so hard to find a constant in her life, someone that she could really count on. So now she goes with Angel’s. plan, not to keep an eye on him, but because she wants Giles back, a man, a father figure in her life that she can count on.
In my review I said instead of going one step forward she took two steps back, because she basically forgot what Giles taught her. And because right now she’s doing what SHE wants, forgetting of what Giles would have wanted.

I don’t know if the demon actually has (a part of) Giles’s soul, or if there are pieces of the soul here and there that once they are all gathered together they can call for the soul. I’ve no idea, it’s one of my questions for Christos next month.

About Ethan and Giles, the way I see it, since the demon was resurfaced somehow and got Ethan, once Giles died he wanted him too, not only Ethan. Because both of them belong to him, ever since they summoned him back in the ’70s.

Thanks for stopping by to comment!

3 01 2013

Don’t you think that in this issue Angel was kinda background ?

IMO the idea of Eyghon was stupid and not well founded. It is not convincing. At first place Eathen already was rid of his symbol with acid, so he brokes up the connection with the demon. At second place Angel kill Eyghon back in S 3 and IMO it was a very end about this demon. I don’t like idea for it now. What happen with Mohra demon’s blood by the way ? At least , it was proved that this blood may rise the dead.

4 01 2013

We don’t have all the answers about Eyghon.
2 more issues to come, lets not jump to conclusions and let the author tell his story before judging him.

4 01 2013

I don’t judge. I am just saying that I don’t like the idea of Eyghon.

I like the idea of Mohra demon more.

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