Art Review, Angel & Faith #17

21 12 2012

Like I said, I’m going to take a look a the art in this issue. The thing is that, the artist, Rebekah Isaaks is amazing. They way she draws the characters, the movements, the monsters, I just love everything she draws. Which is a huge advantage. For example, the Quor’Toth arc was certainly not in my favorite ones. But just one look at the panels drawn by Rebekah, and I was forgetting all about any problems in the story. Here she does exactly the same, which in combination with the very well written story arc by Christos, gives a fantastic product.
And I just love the fact that no character looks like another one.
And I love even more the fact that you can always tell who is who.
ALWAYS. Thank you, Rebekah, for your amazing talent and your gorgeous art!

So again my rules are simple. Best and worst panels per character. Maximum 3 choices for best and for worst. Lets see if I can keep the rules I’ve just applied!
Click on the images for a better and bigger look of them.

Angel’s best panels!

Faith’s best panels!

Giles’s best panels!

Nadira’s best panels

Aunts’ best panels!

Best panel!

Angel’s worst panels!

Faith’s worst panels!

Giles’s worst panels!

Nadira’s worst panels!

Aunts’ worst panels!

Strange panels!




5 responses

22 12 2012

Good article, but I’m really curious how you did manage to find worst panels in a such a brilliant work like this. I’d wish Rebecca Isaacs to draw and the main Buffy tittle…

22 12 2012

Worst panels compared to the others in the issue. Not that they are the worst I’ve seen! That’s the reason why I didn’t comment on them :p

22 12 2012

Well ehh, what can I say … Rebecah art is in a light years better than Jaunty’s drawings. 🙂

3 01 2013

I like the art – mostly I like Angel , But to be honestly I don’t like the way Faith is pictured. She is as much bad, as Buffy is, IMO. Faith is even worse, IMO.

4 01 2013

You may be the only one that believes that Rebekah doesn’t draw Faith nice. And the only one who believes that she nails Angel.

Everyone I have talked to, or read their opinions, believe the opposite, myself included.

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