Art Review, Willow : Wonderland #3

4 01 2013

Here is the review about the latest issue’s art.
Like in the previous issue, the art is consistent. Willow always looks like Willow, so do the other characters. Of course no similarity to the actress, but I am getting used to seeing Willow like that. And since she doesn’t look like a pre-teen and she is always recognizable, I don’t mind. There are some panels I really loved. And also the strange creatures from that strange world.

So again the same rules. 3 panels per character, for worst and best ones. And of course, the best panel of the issue, plus the strange ones!
So, lets start, and click on the photos for a better look 🙂
And don’t forget to comment, thanks!

Willow’s best panels!

Aluwyn’s best panels!

Marrak’s best panels!

Witches’ best panels!

Creatures’ best panels!

Best panel!

Willow’s worst panels!

Aluwyn’s worst panels!

Marrak’s worst panels!

Witches’ worst panels!

Strange panels!




11 responses

4 01 2013

Nice art review as usual! 🙂 I like the art, especially the magical creatures and the views, but I’m really annoyed that the likeness of that “Willow” is completely missing with the likeness of Alyson Hannigan . Don’t mention about the other characters, I mean Dawn (hhnmm…), Angel (hnmnnnnn…) and Xander. Thank you for asking Mr. Gage, I never would guess who is who… Actually Xander is recognizable only because his eye-patch. Remove it, make his hair blond and voila – he would look like just like Spike with these sharp cheekbones. Xander never had cheekbones like these, even when he was slim! 🙂
Brian Ching is even worse than Jeanty in a term of likeness of the characters and when I buy comics that are made after of a tv show I’d like to see my favorite characters with a good likeness as I know them of the show. I really don’t like to see their barely recognizable and ugly caricature version…
p.s. in the panel “Help! My hand is creepy!” Willow definitely suffers of arthritis! LOL

4 01 2013

Of course there’s something else wrong with Aluwyn in the three fingers panel – she has no mouth and her nose is disappearing!!

4 01 2013

There is something wrong with her body, her belly is very long, IDK,I don’t like it..

4 01 2013

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4 01 2013

The first Willow panel you put in the worst group I like it. Willow looks sad in this panel but the art isn’t bad. I didn’t noticed before that the pictures have no similarities with the actress but may be I use to see Willow in this way.

About the other worst panels – I completely agree with you .

4 01 2013

I forget to say – in the strange panels – I didn’t recognize Angel . And like Veriti said, if Xander doesn’t have an eye – patch I couldn’t recognize him ,too. I can’t remember in the series Xander to be so handsome, LOL.

4 01 2013

The eye is too big. That’s why I didn’t like it.

6 01 2013

Well I thought Angel was Dowling (confirmed not by your good self/CG). Not that it looked particularly like him either but, aside from the big hair, there was no Angel resemblance at all in there I don’t think. I like the way Willow is drawn in the mini except when she gets a great big frog mouth but it doesn’t look at all like Alyson H at all. I really don’t like the different witches, don’t really know why, probably because I don’t see why everyone has to just look like a humanoid bipedal variation, reminds me of kids fantasy cartoons with the slight variations that are drawn. I feel like it lacks imagination but then can’t say what else I would expect so maybe it is just me. I don’t know, I’m not enamoured with the art in this mini but I’m not enamoured with the writing/story either so perhaps one feeds the response to the other elements too.

6 01 2013

There was no reason for Dowling, I don’t think that Willow even knows him. Not that there is any reason for Angel, at least none that we know of. Seemed strange, guess that future will tell what they have in mind.

6 01 2013

I had just assumed she was looking at who was in SF, who had been referenced in the portal but it made little sense as she hadn’t met Dowling, that was how extremely unlike Angel the figure looked!! Presumably it is just because of helping with the soul bit for Giles that she included Angel.

7 01 2013

Stoney, I thought that’s Dowling either, but Gigi has a point – Willow doesn’t know him. Well it is still strange that Angel is included in the picture, unless his (un)life is not in grave danger! 🙂 Or her help is connected with Giles’s resurrection – you know – no magic, no resurrection. 😉
And that about the lack of imagination and the kids fantasy cartoons it’s not only just about you. I absolutely dislike that cartoon style! Jeanty does the same kids cartoons and his style doesn’t fit to Buffy’s story. And his “art” is getting even worse. That’s why I would love someone else to take the art job over…

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