Art Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S09#17

12 01 2013

Well, here is the thing. I just can’t do it like the previous times. So, forget about the 3 panels per character rule that I have applied to myself, and I’ll just start posting without knowing how this post will look like once it’s finished. OK, I commence.

So, no funny comments. I decided to tell a story.
It’s called “Billy the savior and his miraculous medicine!”
I don’t know if you’ll like it.
Probably you’ll hate it, haha!
I don’t care, my blog, my rules! So, Billy the Savior!

I will start with the youngest and newest member of the Buffyverse. Of course youngest not in appearance, since that crown goes to Illyria age 5. I mean Billy, the 16 years old gay.

So lets see some of Billy’s panels in this issue.

And Billy’s best panel is….

Actually, my bad, the newest member of the Buffyverse is Devon.
I forgot, he appeared after Billy.

Let’s see his panels!

And Devon’s best panel is….

Sorry, none. All three of them were one worse than the other..
Seriously now, the only reason that you have a guy appear naked, or half-naked, is to make him seem attractive to your readership. In which of those 3 panels does Devon look good? Attractive? Cute? If that is how he’s supposed to look like, then I’m glad he’s gay an unavailable for girls like me. Not sure that the gays will be as happy as me though, LoL!

OK, I’m moving on to Dawn. And then Xander. Somewhere, I don’t remember where or who, someone said that Jeanty is great with emotions (he is sometimes, I admit that) and that was shown in the latest issue, in the scenes between Xander and Dawn, especially in the hospital. So, lets take a look at those two, and the emotions we get from them!

Dawn first, ladies first!

Really, I have no words for those panels. I have never seen such an ugly Dawn. OK, she is sick, but still. Not to mention that in the last one she looks like she’s from Asia.

And Dawn’s best panel is….

Xander now.

They are supposed to be a young couple. In love. It is not the first time we’ve seen them in their bedroom and private life. They are dressed like they are siblings. 10 years old siblings. That is NOT the way that young couples are dressed in their bedroom (when they are not naked, of course). The couple’s way of dressing is ridiculous.
Dawn looks like a teen, on the other hand Xander looks age 40. Especially the close-ups to his face, while he is supposed to be trying to sleep and relax. He is 40 there. And in order to make Xander look angry, all you have to do is draw him with his mouth wide open like he’s trying to swallow flying mosquitos.

And Xander’s best panel is….

Only because I laughed so much when I saw that. Sleeping with the mouth open like that, but still able to keep the phone in his hand. Only Xander could make that happen, haha!

Lets jump to Buffy. And her expressions. Plenty of those in this issue!!!

Of course I was joking when I said plenty of expressions for Buffy. There is only one expression: have Buffy look angry. The moment you try to make her have another expression, she looks like a fool.
Lesson to remember: Buffy needs to be angry for the rest of the season!
And what’s with those Buffy eyebrows? Not to mention the fact that Buffy is supposed to be a natural blond, so why her eyebrows are dark? And hasn’t she ever heard of a tweezers? Hasn’t Jeanty?

Dowling’s next!

Don’t ask for his best panel, there is none. Actually I have looked at every panel that Jeanty has drawn with Dowling in it, ever since #1. He really must hate the guy, because I just can’t find a single one in which Dowling looks good. He looks ugly, or silly, or like an idiot. Take a look at those panels above, is that the face of a dying man, or of somebody ejaculating?

Illyria….Here is the ridge of LOLs!

OK, seriously now, I just can’t stop laughing at those panels. Don’t ask for a good one, there isn’t. Illyria is supposed to be that great old demon with all those powers, and you just look at her panels and you want to laugh….if not cry for the money you’ve spent on that comic. Better laugh, at least this way we can enjoy it a little bit.

Who’s next? Severin!

Especially the second one, I can’t find any words for that panel, lol at the way he looks!

And his best panel is….

Actually this is one of the few panels that I really liked in this issue. And in that mess, I was really surprised to find some I liked.

Here are the rest.

So in other words, Jeanty is good at monsters and unfamiliar faces. And the reason for that? I believe it is what some people say that he is good at. Emotions. Monsters usually don’t have emotions on their faces. And usually you don’t care how unknown people react emotionally, so you don’t draw it. Or you don’t TRY to draw that. And the result seems natural. Unlike Buffy and the scoobies and every character that appears regularly. I believe that Jeanty believes that he has mastered their appearance, where instead he is getting worse, issue by issue. Especially when he tries to apply emotions on their faces, the characters look like fools and ridiculous.
And I blame Jeanty a lot for the mess of Buffy’s S9. Like I’ve said, I’ve had some problems with A&F’s story. But just a look at Rebekah’s art and I forget everything. I only want to look at her art, I don’t care what the story says. The opposite happens here. Even if the story has some points, I just can’t take them seriously. Plus things like easter eggs or whatever they are called, that Jeanty adds by himself. Like the clothes that Xander and Dawn wear. Or the way that Buffy was dressed in #1 and the way she was moving/sitting, like she wanted to have sex with the first man available….she had it coming, as Jeanty kind of said, I am bored to search for his actual comment. Or, I read in a forum, somebody complaining that Buffy went to sleep in a stranger’s apartment. And then she was walking, in front of him, in her panties. I really don’t believe that Chambliss wrote in the script “Buffy walks around in her underwear”. I believe that that was Jeanty. He did it again in the free comic last year, the space-vacation with Spike….Buffy walking around in her underwear.

So, what is the best panel of the issue?

So, what will happen to our heroes? Will Billy the Savior save them? Will he take his medicine to them in time? Stay tuned, next month, for the second part of the story! I know you just can’t wait! Well, that’s if I have the patience to do that again next month, haha!




12 responses

12 01 2013

LOL! This time you even wrote a story for my “favorite” character with pictures of my “favorite” artists. I absolutely loved the new Capt. Forehead!!!! Poor Illyria she looks really awful, especially after gorgeous art of Elena Casagrande, is paiful to see her like an infantile smurf-like git… Don’t wanna comment Buffy and her ugly nose and eyebrows. Btw, these eyebrows remind me of Arthy’s eyebrows in Warehouse 13, don’t they? 🙂
Well, I’m laughing at Jeanty’s panels, but it was always painful for me to look at the great covers of Buffy the vampire slayer and to open the book and to look at the caricature “art” inside… Buffy tittle deserves better artist. Jeanty maybe is not a bad artist, but his art doesn’t fit to Buffy’s story at all. The man supposes to draw comics for children age 5. Nuff said…

12 01 2013

Relax and enjoy the voyage! We are at #17.
Jeanty will draw issues 18, 19, and 21-25.
Issue #20 by Moline…
There is plenty more to come…

12 01 2013

Ohh, Moline is even worse than Jeanty! I would like someone like Isaacs or Lee to take Buffy’s artwork over…

12 01 2013

I couldn’t wait for you to review the “art” of this issue! It was without doubt the worst ever. Jeanty seemed to be getting better when he drew 8.40, but he’s really been getting worse throughout season 9 and the last few issues are a complete disgrace. It’s really impossible to take these characters seriously, Buffy looks ugly and like an idiot when she’s not constantly angry, Xander looks like an idiot when he’s angry, characters look creepy when they’re supposed to be smiling or embarrassed or flirtatious…

12 01 2013

LoL, I hoped I made you laugh just a little with my Billy the savior story.
I think Xander realising he is not blind, Illyria the forehead and Buffy going to golf were the best parts, haha! Oh, and Illyria getting boobs, LoL!

12 01 2013

Not only boobs, she is getting and a boobed head! Welcome to Jeanty’s world!!! 😀

12 01 2013

So, I see that some discussion, banning and maybe infractions took place in SA. And what started that was this post I have written today. Let me say a few things.

First of all, I have nothing against gays. Two of my best friends, are gay. I live in Brussels. If you don’t know, Brussels is the gay capital of Europe. The city centre is full of gay bars. Many times I’ve been to some, friends go there. One of my favorite TV characters is gay, from Warehouse 13. Written by Drew and Jane, the same ones who wrote Billy. The reason why I don’t like Billy, so far at least, is because the story hasn’t made me to. They’ve just told me, in a totally cliché and predictable story, that he “belongs” and that I HAVE to like him. Not because the story says so, but because the writer(s) want me to like him. Sorry, I can’t like a character like that. And I will make fun of him, with every opportunity I get. Not because he is gay, but because they are using his sexuality to make me like him. In a Mary-Sue way. I am sorry, I will also use that to make fun of the story they are trying to sell to me.

Second. I haven’t made fun of Jeanty. I don’t know the guy. Maybe he is the best person out there. i don’t know, I don’t care. I just critisized his work. He is an artist. Critisism, good or bad, is part of his work. And is the bad critisism that is supposed to make us better, not the good one. You like his art? Well done and good for you. Say it. In your space, in your site. Even come here, and prove to me that I am wrong, I will accept the comment. I have made my points why I don’t like his art and why I believe he is not good anymore for the Buffyverse.

Third, if you have nothing to say to me, you don’t insult me in the first place. You don’t comment that you are constantly reminded of why I was banned from the forum. Because posts like that constantly remind me of why I have never tried since, and never will try, to make another account there. Because of the pompous style of some posts like that. And besides, if you don’t like my posts and if they bring you back bad memories, don’t read them! That’s what I do, I totally avoid pompous posts and my life is much easier now! Besides today, that I was told to read some. Oh well, c’est la vie!

12 01 2013

I really liked Illyria on the cover of the issue. Buffy on the cover looks good, too. But Illyria IN the issue is Ewwww . IMO Dawn looks the most credible of all of them.

Veiri, why don’t you mention something about your favorite Xander , LOL. I can’t wait to see your comment for him.

12 01 2013

LOL Actually I’m ok with Xander. I like him as an ugly caricature! 🙂

14 01 2013

NICE – you had me laughting throughtout . Love how you ended this – I take it that is the Griffith observatory.

18 01 2013

You know what I learned from slayalive forum? Apparently Jeanty will be artist for season 10 as well! Oh, joy, oh, joy! I’m so glad, I was afraid that we will never see his great art again! 😉

And apparently our Rhonda the immortal waitress will have her hair seriously damaged during battle with big bad, and maybe – Jeanty refer to season 6 – she will even die! I’m so glad that Andrew Chambliss have nothing but respect and love for this character! So far during his run on “Buffy”, title character was mutilated twice – her arm was torn off, she got nasty scar on her forehead, and now her hair will be ruined… Oh, well nothing is better that constant humiliation, right? She will die? Why should I care? Firstly I don’t like her in this comic so I wish that she would die, and stay dead. Secondly: this is what, third time when she will die? In her case, dead is apparently meaningless so again why should I care? You know that she will come back, one way or another, so…

And of course Billy will save the day, and he don’t need magic medicine to do this! I imagine this that way: our Rhonda is again humiliated and defeated, she is at the lowest of lows – maybe Dawn die, maybe Xander betrayed her? – she is ready to throw in the towel… And then Billy the Great will show up, and he will give her greatest motivational speech ever! He will say how she is his idol and hero – which is of course bull… -, how she inspired him, how she is his role model and how he believe in her. And after this “Care bears” speech, from boy she barely even know, she will magically regain her focus and her self-esteem and with tears of joy, she will be ready to confront big bads… So what you think about my prediction? Unfortunately I think it’s quite probable. 😦

19 01 2013

I have no idea where they’re heading. Really, none.
If Jeanty comes back as a regular, I’ll stop purchasing the comic and also inform them that they’ve lost me. I can settle with a couple of guest appearances by him, like Moline did this season, but nothing more.

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