Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #18 (Welcome to the Team, part 3)

13 02 2013

The remnants of magic left on earth
are in danger . . .
The Siphon is back,
and he’s more charged than ever before
as he takes out
one magical being after another,
absorbing their power.
Pulled into this battle to save the world -again—
Buffy is partnered with Koh and Illyria
to put a stop Severin.

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Back in Brussels and in my life, after visiting my family for 3 weeks. And guess what, insomnia knocked on my door. So I’ve decided to read the issue earlier and post about it. Now what’s to say about it?

Plot wise, it’s a promising issue. It keeps your interest to find out more about where they are heading with this season. But I am still not satisfied with the way the story is written. Yes, it was a good thing to have the all mighty Billy the king slayer admit what? That he is NOT a slayer. What’s the bad thing? Well, he IS more clever than the police to check on the surveillance tapes. But on the other hand he is stupid enough to forget that other zompires may come back again. At least this time he was the one saved by the slayer, not the other way around. What’s the worse thing? That slayer wasn’t Buffy. And I was totally surprised with her, I really didn’t see her coming, one way or another. And no, I don’t mean Simone.

And we finally learn why Severin wants to gather so much power. I didn’t see that coming either. Do you want a clue? Actually, come to think about it, Severin’s reason is the same as the most important theme of Once Upon a Time. Surprised again, but not impressed of it. I am sorry.

And it was a good thing to actually see Buffy starting using her brain again, in order to think about and get what’s happening. But I really don’t need Buffy to explain to me again Severin’s story that Severin himself had already told me more than 10 issues back. I see that as a waste of panels. As for the council, why are those creatures actually members of that council? Just to make it more beautiful or to add variety to it? Nice council, finding others to fight to keep them safe. I wonder how Billy is not the head of it.

Again, the most interesting part in this issue was what is wrong with Dawn. If you were waiting for answers or even for clues, you’ll be disappointed, just like I was. She is in a coma. And nothing about what was/is going on with Xander, either. And the best part of it? One of the characters I detest, especially after his last appearance, is back again, offering his help by doing again what he did last time. Only this time, with Xander’s blessings and help. But seriously now, even if his plan works, what will they do later with a rotten corpse? Huh?

About the art? Same as usual. Have Buffy look angry and she’s OK. Have her with another expression/feeling and she’s a mess. Illyria looks worse than last issue, when I thought that wouldn’t have been possible, Billy comme ci comme ça, Dawn terrible, Xander awful, Koh and the council are OK even great in some panels, in other words, less than average for sure.

But I really want to talk about the letter column. We are told that there will be a separate Billy story coming up, probably (my guess here) to explain what happened and Buffy accepted Billy in her team. I am sorry, Mr Allie, but I won’t check it out. I have already wasted more than 7 dollars since I purchased them from iTunes for 2 issues dedicated to Billy. I don’t plan to waste more about him. I will read reviews of fans I trust their judgement, and if you actually manage to surprise me and write a good story, I will purchase it later. Probably it will be written by Jane Espenson again, now that I remember some of her tweets a few weeks ago. But what got me wondering, is why, Mr Allie, do you like the idea of going back to Season 0 again? I know Buffy’s story, every fan out there knows Buffy’s story and what she did before Sunnydale. There was the movie, there were hints in the show, there was a comic published by you. Do we really need to revisit that for a 4th time? And why should I find interesting how Whistler managed to make a rat-eating dirty Angel, take a bath and start drinking animal blood or stealing from hospital supplies, according to the show, and start stalking on Buffy? I really don’t see any reason going back to season 0 for either Buffy or Angel. Do you want me to give you an interesting idea? Go back to after Chosen/before S8. Explain how Buffy built her army. Explain Xander’s story with Dracula and dealing with Anya’s loss. Explain better Willow’s quests. Explain how Buffy found out about Spike’s resurrection. Explain what was that portal that Angel came from. What was that he saw, or lived, that made him vulnerable to say yes to Twilight’s plan. Who were those wankers that Spike was running from. Aren’t there any stories left to tell anymore, that you liked so much the idea or recycling old ones? Really?





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13 02 2013

I only really found the Xander/Dawn stuff interesting. I can see why Xander would agree to Andrew’s suggestion in his panic/desperation to keep Dawn safe (a repeat of the supposed purpose of the original Buffybot plan from Andrew) but they leap into it considering they have no real means to keep her body healthy and there is nothing to say she was going to die imminently. Why not go fetch the robot and leave the hospital staff to try and save her body? Anyway, looks like she will get stuck into buffybot. I hope they make a dawnbot pretty soon because handing Xander his girlfriend in another woman’s body (who happens to be an old crush and his friend) is just ew!!!

13 02 2013

I am really tired of those stupid plotholes.
Zompires are feral but a bunch of them attacks Billy the King slayer and, again, he comes out of it without a scratch.
Dawn’s body is collapsing and shutting down but it’s a great idea to drive her away from a hospital.
Patients, especially ones in a coma and obviously under 24/7 surveillance get kidnapped like you’re shoplifting the quartier’s grossery store.
A police officer gets almost killed but the police doesn’t think of watching the surveillance tapes, thank God for Billy the King slayer’s super brain!
Xander’s girlfriend is dying but he has no problem acting like he’s a ST hero. I can see Andrew doing that, but no way Xander would ever act like a jerk when someone he loves is dying.
Again, why only Koh, Illyria and Buffy go against Severin? What the council is useful for, besides keeping the score of who’s winning and placing orders?
As for the art, OMG, there is a panel where I thought Illyria was Severin. How did Jeanty succeed on that and how many weeks was he working on that particular panel? Because for sure it takes A LOT OF EFFORT to make Illyria look like Severin!
As for Dawn inside a Buffybot, it looks like the dream of every Bander out there will become real! Only not! DH probably wants to satisfy its 8, maximum, readers, that want to see Buffy with Xander together, by offering them some Bander panels, only not! LoooooLLLL and ewwwwww!

13 02 2013

Well, I just finished reading. Let’s just say this: only good thing about this book it’s dialogues, pop culture references and Severin’s motivation – I like that he is not straight up bad guy. Everything else? Bad, disastrous even.

Art – if you can call it that. Is this guy even trying anymore?

Characters: Buffy again had her ass kicked and she must be rescued by Illyria… this is becoming a tradition. Oh, and Illyria is also defeated and humiliated. As I said, I think that Chambliss just don’t like to write woman and he like to put them in damsel in distress position. And no one took a gun with him to shoot Severin, great, just great! Andrew… OMG, can someone kill this guy already? Did he learned anything, did he changed? No. He again want to pull out this robot scheme… Because it worked so good last time…Again he want to transfer woman’s consciousness into robot body, without her knowledge and consent. Talking about unethical… He still thinks that he did nothing wrong and he is repeating the same mistakes. And of course he have best intentions, you know… like usual. Sorry, but this guy is beyond redemption. Billy or Gary Stu strikes back! Again he is fighting side by side with real Slayer and he is not doing worse job, than she. Xander and Dawn – still no answers, what’s wrong with them…

Plot holes: escaping from hospital, camera recording – no one bothered to check it?

13 02 2013

And one more thing… How Severin could know about Illyria in the first place?

13 02 2013

That is not a plot hole. Plot hole is something that totally contradicts the story, or just a silly plot to justify things, like having Billy checking on the tapes while the police forgot to do their job.
How Severin found out about Illyria could actually be explained in future issues. But even if not, Illyria is an Old One and a very powerful demon for the slayers’ army to have absolutely no idea about her (, whatever :p). Simone was a slayer working with Andrew, Andrew was supposed to know about demons, so probably Severin knows about Illyria from Simone since they are working together.

14 02 2013

I’m a little annoyed at all this yelling around Faith, Willow, Nadira. Now Xander everytime he gets in the page.

Xander agreeing to Andrew’s plan wasn’t so much of a surprise, a couple of issues ago he expressed his jealousy on the robot thing, might not like the outcome in the end. But a Dawn!Buffy-bot? That’s plain screwed. I like it.

And wow. Anaheed is the first slayer that wears glasses. Didn’t see that coming. That will make Tumble the watcher, nosy as he was searching Buffy’s room.

If time bending were an option I would like to know Buffy’s opinion: if she could undo something what it would be: smashing of the Seed, the Spacefrak, activating the Potentials, being Chosen, being born?

14 02 2013

One would hope they have a reason other than the vague “things will be worse!” line.

Agree the only thing really interesting is what is happening with Dawn. Whatever it is, I wonder if it isn’t also happening to Xander and Buffy as well. In the nightmare that attacked Willow, all three had blank faces. In the glimpse Willow got of Earth, only Dawn did, but she was getting sick. Perhaps the Xander!Rage and Buffy’s inability to heal wounds as quickly is also tied into it.

As for the Year 0 and Billy crap…. I have no words.

15 02 2013

I liked the issue. I liked the idea that Siphon wanted to bring back his girlfriend. I even didn’t know that he has a girflriend. It is so sweet, isn’t it ? At least he doing these things because of love. I feel a deep sorry for Down. I hope he will be o.k. And I miss Spike so much.

5 03 2013

How great it would have been to have your list of themes to Scott Allie to have been part of these comic books. Those are certainly the things that I am interested in. And Billy with the instant great fighter abilities – bit much for me.

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