Review, Angel & Faith #19 (Death and Consequences, Part 4)

27 02 2013

Again I haven’t reviewed the previous issue, so a quick reminder of what we read there. We’ve learnt how Eyghon managed to survive, by jumping on a dead rat and then on a homeless guy. From then and on, he just kept on gathering power in order to rule the Earth or part of it. So Eyghon got a deal with Whistler, Pearl and Nash, in order to get the 2 billion dead people that Whistler plan’s requires, and then they will kind of separate the Earth, keeping for himself some continent to release hell on Earth while Whistler and the rest of living humanity lives happily ever after in another continent(s). Oh, and Spike appeared in the last panels.

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I had been trying hard not to spoil things in my last reviews, and quite honestly that spoils all the fun. So be prepared and stop reading unless you want to be seriously spoiled. This time I will just write the review, and since I don’t get advanced copies but I purchase the issues, I don’t care if the book is not out yet in the States. What can I say, too bad you don’t live in Brussels to get it sooner like me :p

So this is the final part of the arc. Spike came in London, and he immediately jumped onto his AtS S5 self. Forget the Spike you’ve seem written by Whedon, Allie, Chambliss and Gischler. This is Gage’s Spike and he is back at been a pain in Angel’s @ss. I will admit that I laughed once, when Nadira recognized him and immediately gave him a free pass and Alasdair’s sword, having Angel complaining about it that she didn’t try to slay him as well, like she did with him. But the rest of the issue, I can’t say I laughed. Maybe it is me, that I have a native language other than english, but that hasn’t stopped me before, I don’t know. Or maybe is the way that the mythology is turning.

So what is the plan? How are they going to attack? We will never know, because Eyghon got to them first. Faith knew what was in his head in the previous issue, but so did the demon. Battle begins, slayers get captured, only 3 of the team left to fight Eyghon (guess which three?). Spike as a secret weapon not only was he useless but almost got them killed since Eyghon in his true form is more powerful than last time with Angel, so he easily possesses Spike who turns against Faith. Later Spike will wonder why his bollocks ache, he will never know I guess, unlike Faith.

So who gets to save the day? Well who’s left? Angel? You got it all wrong. So did I at first reading. It was the second time that I realized that actually Giles saved the day and killed Eyghon. Or Angel with Giles’s help. I am not sure, it is Giles that talks before and Angel that talks after but then Giles again, I think it was Giles the one who cut off Eyghon’s head. In other words, 3 people, or should I say, a demon, a soul and a half soul inside a body was too much for Eyghon to handle and to possess. That actually didn’t surprise me, because I have read that theory in Buffyforums, I don’t remember the name of the poster, months ago. So Angel becomes the conduit and gathers Giles inside of him. Three is a crowd and we are left with a catatonic Angel, again, leaving for #20 and “Spike & Faith” to clear up the mess. World without magic, guys, things will be hard getting back Angel without accidentally releasing Angelus!

What surprised me in this issue?
Angel hitting on a nerve when he told Spike that Buffy gave him the brush off. Actually that was funny, because she kind of did, and Spike immediately gets angry and defensive.
Spike informs Angel that Buffy is kind of seeing a cop, but he wasn’t interested in staying there to find out how would things would work out. I am sorry, timing doesn’t fit, Spike left before Buffy started meeting regularly with the cop (why can’t I remember his name?)
Also, Spike kind of implies that Buffy might have thought Angel as one of the possible fathers of her robot-pseudo-pregnancy. Again timing doesn’t fit, unless Buffy thought she was an elephant with a gestation period of 645 days.
Also, more or less Faith kind of says that Angel was possessed when he killed the Nadira’s squad team.
Oh, and the fandom’s arguments are finally answered. Angel is a separate being from Angelus. That question was answered, not only by text but also by Spike himself. Three is a crowd, and there are actually now 3 residents in Angel’s body: Angel, Angelus and Giles. A soul is what makes a man, Angel becomes and talks as Giles, actually Giles takes over some times in this issue.

I am sorry, but I don’t agree with this theory. It makes no sense for all the mythology of the show. Darla’s arc makes no sense. She was dying from syphilis, so she wanted to get bitten by a vampire in order to die so that a demon could occupy and run her dead body? Huh?





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27 02 2013

Mmmm, as I have been saying for some time. All this is, is Angel fanboy fan fiction complete with “Angel is nothing but awesome” goggles. Pity.

27 02 2013

Hi, Tenny, welcome to my blog, glad to see you here!
Don’t be a stranger, please come back, you’re more than welcomed here!

14 03 2013

Hi Georgia! Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ll try not to be a stranger but I’m very negative about the comics. I don’t want to be a debbie downer. 😦

14 03 2013

Even negative opinions are welcomed, lol, just read some of my reviews here, haha!

27 02 2013

Guess it’s Gage’ take on Dumb&Dumber as TGIQ is one of his favorites episodes, only this time is Dumb!Spike and Saint!Angel. My “expectations” on Gage’s Spike are fulfilled.

About Buffy/Spike/Dowling thing, I remember Spike encouraging Dowling to Buffy actually, but hey who cares?

If you manage to interview Gage ask him to write a cross-over Angel/Dawn-in-buffybot. Might be fun

27 02 2013

Manage to interview him? LoL!
I sent the questions and just before Gage replied, he told me that DH now must say yes before any interviews of any of its creators.

When I communicated with some guy from DH, I was totally ignored for days, and after my 2nd email he was unpleased to inform me that maybe if I had asked them before and maybe if the interview would get published at an official Buffy site and maybe if I had a hell of a traffic at my blog, maybe they would have said yes, now they had to say no.

I replied to him of course, that if I was running an interview at an official Buffy site or one with a lot of traffic, they first thing that I would have asked would be how much will I get paid. I was the one doing them a favor, not the other way around.

27 02 2013

Too bad that they didn’t allow you to make an interview with Christos Gage… 😦 After this issue I have got some questions to him… 😉

27 02 2013

Nice review as usual, thanks! But I wanted to read the actual comics before to comment it.
Well, I’ve just read it and it wasn’t as bad as I’ve expected. And the end of the issue confirms my speculations about Giles’s soul resurrected into Angel’s body. Maybe Angel will develop a pure father feelings to Buffy after all?! LOL I hope so! 🙂
And I liked a bit the banter between Angel and Spike (and Faith), but the things I really disliked were that the author is making Spike dump in a favor of Angel – the great hero. Gage made Spike to look out of his character in the most of the panels and that annoyed me a lot.
The author’s theme is – Angel is saving the day, while Spike is bragging about… And of course Angel finished up the heroic work (that he called Spike for), and resisted to the demon, while Spike has been possessed of Eyghon. Awww, what a strong Angel is!
And yeah, Leyki you remark is right – Spike hasn’t left Buffy because she was dating with another man, that was bloody stupid add indeed.
Another think I really disliked – in fact the author said Angel has got 3 souls in his body now – Giles’s soul, Angel’s soul and Angelus’s soul. And Gage it totally wrong. He is mistaking the souls with the personalities. Angelus IS NOT a soul, it is Angel/Liam demonic personality and we know the demon has no soul. The “soul” Angelus is in fact Liam/Angel lack of soul. That’s why Angelus can’t be a separate entity or a soul. Angelus is Angel without a soul! That’s it!

6 03 2013
Katherine Marquez (@MayhemPrincess)

It’s not about Angel being Strong. If Giles hadn’t been sharing space with Angel & Angelus, Eyghon would have possessed him just like he did with Spike as for Angel saving the day…was it really him? For all we know Giles was the one killing Eyghon. And hey maybe Gage made Spike dumb or whatever, but it is Angel’s comic you know? Just like Faith was usually the lesser slayer on Buffy. I mean look at Faith in Angel S4 and tell me if she’s the same person when she gets to Sunnydale in Buffy S7.

Now don’t get me wrong I love Spike….Actually, I love BadAss Spike not Buffy’s bitch Spike, just like I love Angel when Buffy is not around as she tends to turn both of them into ….well pathetic excuses for Vampires…let alone champions. So I’m not being an Angel fangirl here, if anything I’m a Faith fangirl as she’s the reason I’m reading this comic anyway.

Angelus is not a soul but he is a demon. Isn’t that the reason Eyghon, who is a demon himself, could not posses Angel back in Buffy S2? Because there was already another demon in that body? So Angelus might not be a soul but he is taking up some space in there. A personality would NOT occupy any space inside the body as it is a combination of emotional and behavioral responses. When someone is turned into a vamp they die and a demon takes the space the person( the soul) used to occupy. The person is gone a demon controls the body and kept the memories that were stored in the brain. Angel is Liam the soul. Angelus is a demon who expelled the soul out of Liam’s body when Darla turned him.

6 03 2013

Any theory of having Angel being a separate person from Angel, immediately turns Angel into a moron, feeling responsible and trying to aton for things he’s never done. The flashbacks make no sense, since those persons were long dead, the relationships make no sense, and especially Darla’s arc, the one who is supposes to know better than anyone, makes no sense! She was a human, who died, a demon came and occupied her body for more than 400 years, then Angel dusted her, W&H brought back human Darla, who suddenly started feeling guilty for crimes she’s never committed, and who was dying from syphilis but wanted to keep on living, so we went to a random vampire in order to get bitten so that she could die at the end? Really? And then she was turned by Dru, a second brand new demon arrived and occupied her body, but still we see the same person, Angel treats all of Darlas as she’s the same person he’s first met, not some innocent human who’s done no sin or a brand new demon he’s first met when she was turned again by Drusilla. Not to mention that the Spike that left to go to Afrika has nothing to do with the Spike that came back with a soul, but still Angel treats him like he was exactly the same demon back in Chosen and later in his own series.

And when was Spike a badass? When he was beaten by Joyce?
When he was Drusilla’s bitch?
When he was doing everything for her?
When he became handicapped and watched his lover humiliating him and cheating on him for weeks with Angel?
While she was cheating on him with a disquisting demon in South America and he was begging her to come back?
When he went for the ring of Amara and Buffy kicked his @ss?
When later he followed the ring to LA and another random vampire double crossed him?
When he was captured by the Initiative?
Really, have we watched another show?

And if a soul is a person, what was Angel doing inside Angelus mind, back in AtS S4, when Faith was also there? That soul at that point was supposed to be in some jar, vase, whatever that was, how come Angel was the one that was choosing which parts of his life to revisit, inside Angelus’s mind?
Come again?

27 02 2013

I love that it was Giles who killed Eyghon. Spike’s presence was pointless plot-wise, but mildly hilarious. I wonder if the writers plan something for him in the next issue.

27 02 2013

It’s not just you, it really isn’t. Having Spike benched in favor of Angel (again), and useless to the fight…it’s just sad.

28 02 2013

And it certainly doesn’t make sense for Spike, of all people, to talk as if “Angelus” was another person! He’s never done that. How did Gage manage to miss that fact in season 5? The Spike/Angel relationship as portrayed on the shows makes no sense if Spike or Angel think that Angel was not the same person all the time. Angel himself also always acted and talked like he *was* Angelus, except in AtS season 5. In fact, nobody was even using the name “Angelus” for soulless Angel on BtVS seasons 1 and 2. It only started in season 3.

Worst. Retcon. Ever

28 02 2013

I feel a bit daft for actually expecting better from the buddy comedy promise than we actually got tbh. I quite enjoy Spike/Angel banter but this just wasn’t written well and Spike’s presence was pretty much unnecessary. I’m not putting much weight into the teases for next issue but I have to say, unfortunately, that it seems entirely feasible that they will have Spike do something idiotic. It is pretty impossible to speculate as it is a one-shot but this issue dropped my expectations. To be frank, the way they treated Spike in this issue could have been more openly ‘honest’ if RI had put a red nose and clown feet on him.

1 03 2013

Thanks for the review , Georgia ! I also think that Spike was pretty much useless in this issue. But at lest he said the very truth to Angel – Angel wants to bring Giles back , because he hopes that Buffy wont hates him anymore. May be Angel didn’t admitted in front of Spike, or in front of his self but this is the main reason IMO . I want to see Angelus again. It will be interesting. Angelus with all his “power”, LOL ! I can’t wait to see a confrontation between Faith and Angelus again, like it was in ATS S 4.

I don’t like to see Spike so much and all the time with the cigarette and this black nail polish again. He wore this nail polish back in S 5 when he still didn’t have a soul. Why now ? Also, I didn’t understand what happen to Giles soul. If someone may tell me, I will grateful.

1 03 2013

I figured that Giles soul is in Angel , but I don’t understand it very well. I agree with Veiriti, that souls and personalities are not the same. And what about Giles soulless body now ?

Did you fellas notice what Spike said to Angel -……” You never bothering to check in after your little cosmic shag. Did you have any bloody idea she thought she was …. ” And Spike was just about to say ” PREGNANT” . Poor Spike, he was thinking all the time, that when Buffy was thinking she is pregnant, that it is from ANgel. I presume how hurt Spike was back then and he didn’t said Buffy nothing. May be he wasn’t a hero in this 19 issue, but this is my hero.

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