Art Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S09#21

10 05 2013

It’s been a while now since I last reviewed the art in an issue. Not really that interested, since that takes at least 3 hours of my life to get prepared, and I don’t have that much of free time. But since many friends have asked me to do one, especially Viara, well here it is, I hope you enjoy it.

First of all, I want to say that I really had a hard time finding nice and good panels in this issue. So when you see “Best panels” that actually means “not such a mess as the rest of them” in most of the cases. Like I said in the review, decoration and monsters in this issue look great, characters look awful. So let’s start..

Buffy’s best panels!

Buffy’s worst panels!

Dawn’s best panel!

Dawn’s worst panels!

Xander’s best panel!

Xander’s worst panels!

Willow’s best panel!

Willow’s worst panels!

Spike’s best panel!

Spike’s worst panels!

Strange panels!

Best panel of the issue!

Panel worthy of another mention!!!!

Growing penis on the back of Buffy’s head!!!





5 responses

10 05 2013

He, he, Gigi, thanks for the review and the dedication. And I didn’t notice what is growing from Buffy’s head! LOL You paid me an attention at and I tend to agree you’re right about! 🙂 I have to admit I liked Jeanty’s Spike in this book, I liked his version more than Rebekah Issacs’s Spike, but Paul Lee draws Spike much, much better. Oh, and about Willow’s drawing, I have to ask my dog to make me one! 😉

10 05 2013

I didn’t mind the through the window Spike panel but it doesn’t even come vaguely close to the quality of Paul Lee’s Spike. The inconsistency with Willow in particular was extreme this issue, Xander and Buffy looked bad but I thought Buffy was actually better than she has been in some recent issues. But that is a comparative comment, she still was not good. Jeanty’s Dawn is purely awful.

I have decided that Buffy isn’t taking the Dawn issue too seriously if part of her getting ready to go to try and solve it involves taking the time to construct an elaborate hair do which must surely involve wiring in some way to keep it stuck out and up like that. She should question the quality of her friendships too that Xander and Willow let her go out like that.

10 05 2013

Maybe it was Xander….”hey Buffy, I trust you so much, would never betray you, let me help you with your hair!”

10 05 2013

I like Willow and Spike only. Buffy looks like a caricature to me.

10 05 2013

You like Willow???? She looks a mess, different in every panel and awful in all of them!!

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