Review, Angel & Faith #25 (What you want, not what you need, Part 5)

28 08 2013


Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Colorist: Dan Jackson

Millions of lives hang in the balance, and Angel and Faith just might be on the losing end of this battle. It’s times like these that call for drastic measures . . . How far will they go to save the world?
Lives are lost, heroes are born, and as one chapter ends, another begins.

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Angel’s plan to resurrect Rupert Giles has come to fruition. Just not exactly as everyone had expected. But they’ll have to deal with the fallout from that later. Right now, Angel and Faith need all the help they can get to defeat Whistler, Pearl, and Nash, and their plan to overhaul life on earth with a magical virus!

And this is it, the end of the story. Strange that 2 years have already passed ever since this comic was first published. And not just the end of the story, also the end of A&F. After all, there can be no A&F when Angel is dusted once and for all, gone with the wind, right?

Well, actually no, I will disappoint some of you who wanted Angel dead by the end of this series. He’s still alive and kicking. But I wasn’t kidding about the end of an era, Angel’s and Faith’s era together. No, she’s not dead either. Huge spoilers follow.

So, let’s start with the story in a paragraph. Angel hits Whistler with the magical virus, and that makes Whistler adsorb some of it’s magic. That turns him back to his senses, and when he sees what he has caused, and all the suffer he’s put people into, he regrets and he sacrifices himself in order to save the rest of the world (or the city, better). The aunts take all the credit, as reporters interview them asking them how they did it. Nadira is still alive, although she should have been already dead according to the doctor. Unfortunately she also absorbed some of the virus so she’s transforming to something, we don’t know to what yet. Pearl also alive somewhere, no more info on her or what has been happening to her ever since her brother died. Faith decides to return to the States, maybe try Kennedy’s offer to work as a trainer, and Giles asks her to take him with her. He can’t live anymore in London, the way he is, and certainly not with his aunts, and besides he was at his best when he was with Buffy. As for Angel? He’s back to helping the helpless. London has become now the city of magic, the humans who were infected with the virus have been transformed, and maybe some of them will try to use their new powers against others.

And that was the story. Unfortunately, predictable. And I say unfortunately, because I don’t like reading stories, or watching movies, series, etc, that I can guess the end before it even begins. Whistler died, I knew that was coming. I was wrong about Nadira, Nash died instead, but still. Faith left Angel at the end, that was also something that most of us had seen coming months ago. Anyway.

As a whole, this story that was written by Christos Gage can work if you don’t start thinking of the previous seasons. Comparing to the Buffy title which is a total mess, A&F has been an oasis in the vast desert of Buffy’s S9. Still many problems on the other hand, I have lost counting of how many times they have used magic in a magicless world, every guest appearance was basically there only to remind us of Angel’s heroic nature, although he messed it up seriously during S8. And things like, if all that Whistler needed was magic to get his balance and his senses back, then why was he the main reason for all the tragic that happened during S8? Where were his senses then? Or, why did Angel keep as a secret that Giles’s soul was trapped by Eyghon, what if he hadn’t survived? Who would have known about it? And so, London’s house is left to the aunts, I hope? Or will Angel continue living in Giles’s house now? So convenient always for him, while Buffy struggles back in the States to make a living…anyway.

I really don’t have much to say, and don’t want to continue thinking about it, because instead of a positive review, you’ll get quite the opposite. If you’re a fan of comics and of nice short stories, go ahead and get this comic as a whole, its whole season. On the other hand, if you are a fan of great books, if you have read plenty of novels, if you, like me, have studied philology, languages and literature, you can always still read it but there are always other things you could prefer instead.

I want to mention once again the great art by Rebekah Isaaks. She is amazing. She rocks. She has nailed it once again. She’s the best. End of story. I am sure we’ll have her back the following season.

So, that was the end. Enjoy!





4 responses

28 08 2013

Nice review, Gigi! I would say in a nutshell – the comics started as “Angel – The glorious vampire hero” fan fic and it ended in the same way. And as you said above I would enjoy the story, if Season 8 never has happened. But the whole “Angel’s redemption” seems to me like – let’s redeem Hitler, let’s forgive him, because he did a mistake killing millions, and he will atone himself starting to help to the helpless even better than Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi did.
Anyway the best ending for me would be Angel to sacrifice himself in the name of the greatest good. That would be the right thing to do to redeem himself, imo. And honestly I don’t see Angel to handle his own tittle with the Giles’s aunts and Nadira. It won’t be interesting for me , I’ve took interest at A&F comics mainly because of Giles’s fate, Faith and possible love relationship between Angel and Faith. I hope, I really hope they wouldn’t put Spike on the Angel’s tittle again (Oh, God, noooo, written by Christos Gage again!!! 😦 ) or to put Angel in the Buffy’s tittle. These two options would completely kill my interest to the Buffyverse!

28 08 2013

It wrapped things up. It didn’t amaze or surprise. I’m in a minority of one (I don’t think I have heard anyone else agree) in not really liking Nadira much so I was pretty ‘whatever’ about her continued survival. I would like to see how her and Angel forge a working relationship possibly though if he teams up with her/Alasdair and the Aunts next season, but I had quite wanted another season of Faith and Angel together so hey ho. We’ll see what they have planned soon enough I’m sure.

29 08 2013

In the end – for me it all came down to the attempt at sweeping the events of Angel and The Twilight Times under the convenient rug. If you want or need to see Angel as The Hero, fighting the good fight and struggling against his dark inner demons and can forgive all then this story will work for you. If you actually wanted to see an exploration of the death and consequences theme as it related to Angel and Whistler, IMHO, you will not find many “consequences.” The only people who ended up with “consequences” were all the victims of the Twilight Times from the choices by Angel and Whistler. This season the victims come from plan the second and round two of Nash and Pearl. Never mind that none of these events would have happened had Whistler and Angel not initiated the catastrophe in the first place.

Angel and Whistler get to go back to being the Heroes and once again only the innocent victims get the “consequences.” Whistler at least goes out by sacrificing himself but Angel gets to go right back on his Big Hero Redemptive Road as if he was not part of the horrors of the Twilight Times. I have to agree with Veiriti – I feel like I am being asked to forgive and forget two characters who did some really terrible things.

29 08 2013
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