Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #01 (New Rules, Part 1)

19 03 2014

New season. New rules. The age-old battle of Slayer vs. vampire is the focus of Buffy’s life once again—it’s downright nostalgic! But with all the toying with magic she’s done lately, this girl should know it’s time for another game change . . . Shouldn’t she?
* Executive produced by Joss Whedon
Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Steve Morris

After saving the world from Slayer-turned-supervampire Simone, and restoring magic and the life of her magically created sister Dawn, Buffy is in the best place she’s ever been. There is a little weirdness going on, with the Slayer handbook’s pages suddenly being blank… But she’s back together with Willow, Xander and Spike, doing what she was meant to do as the chosen one: slay vampires.

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So, new rules and new season starting. With a new artist and a new writer. Not actually new since we had them both last season in A&F, but new to Buffy’s book. I have to say that I was thinking a little bit whether I’d continue reading the comics or not, after the mess of season 9. But I’ve decided to give it a try, and I have to say I’m glad I have.

Christos’s writing is much better than the way that Chambliss wrote Buffy last season. I don’t know if he actually can write better than him, being a comic book writer himself, or if he understands the characters better. But the difference between them is obvious right from the beginning of the season. Buffy’s inner thoughts are right spot on, and right from the very first issue we find out what is the situation with all of the characters. Even with the zompires and the new breeds as well.

I don’t want to spoil things, so I’ll be as quick as possible. Besides the Anya appearance, since it has been already spoiled in twitter a couple of hours earlier, so yes, in a way Anya is back.

There are also some nice Spuffy moments that will make Spuffies happy and they’ll certainly decide to give Gage a second chance in writing Spike. I laughed at Andrew and Dawn, and I almost got tears in my eyes when Buffy hugged Giles.

Rebekah is as great as last season, I am so glad that Buffy FINALLY got an artist she deserves, I don’t even want to think again of last season and the art of it. Hope that’s gone for good.

Last but not least, I don’t know who Colleen Hillerup is, or whether Colleen reads my blog or not. But I have to say that I was laughing for 5 minutes with your letter, although it was only 3 lines. Nice one!

A must read for all of you, Buffy fans, great season opening!





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19 03 2014

Nice review.

I will always wonder whether Christos Gage writes positive Buffy/Spike stuff simply because of the backlash over the A&F stuff and/or Joss Whedon and/or Scott Allie telling him to do so.

I will be reading BtVS S10 and A&F even though Angel should be dust.

19 03 2014

Ha ha, Mike, I agree with you about Capt. Forehead, but actually I have no problem with him until he is in his comics and is doing his own “wanna be a great champion” deeds. I hope he never ever would show his boring&broody face on Buffy comics! 😉

19 03 2014

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Veiriti, as much as I don’t want a Bangel reunion, it will happen and soon. Rebekah confirmed it to a B/A shipper at NYCC. Supposedly Angel will be showing up on Buffy “soon”. She was bragging about it at a Bangel forum. 😦 And all the other Bangels were over the moon excited about B/A reunion being written by Gage. They love him cause of the way he wrote Spike in A&F #20.

19 03 2014

Hi and thanks for the heads up on the new season.

I recommend to grade the issue and link your review to comicbookroundup

19 03 2014

Great review! I liked this issue and it was a good start to the new season. I don’t think it was prefect and I’m still a little apprehensive about Gage’s writing but it’s certainly a major improvement over S9!

19 03 2014

Good review that basically mirrors my impressions – except I *did* cry when I was reading the scene of Buffy and Giles reunion. Dawn’s line abour learning to drive in extreme conditions made me wonder if she has acquired parts of Buffy’s personality (“Summers, you drive like a spaz”). Spuffy scenes are deliciously ambiguous. – they’re so great together that I’m afraid that there is a disaster in their near future. Joss doesn’t like’em happy!

19 03 2014

Nice review, Gigi! I was thinking to quit reading Buffy, but you made me to read it and I thank you so much, because I loved the issue. The story was awesome and the writings and the art are really improved. I’m pleasantly surprised I’ve decided to give another chance to Christos Gage, Scott Allie and to the Dark Horse Comics creative team – I’ve just loved the issue – the Scoobies finally are working all together and the few Buffy/Spike moments made my heart to sing. The moment with Buffy and Giles was really touchable! The story about these new day-walking vamps looks so intrigue. Great opening of the new season 10 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer indeed.

19 03 2014

To be honest, my expectations were so low that I thought there was a good chance that that jacket in the previews belonged to Angel and Buffy/Angel was already going to start happening in BtVS 10.01.

Over in A&F, Giles already forgave Angel and Faith had been hero-worshipping and trying to white-wash Angel’s BtVS S8 actions.

Angel told Giles to see if there was an opening for Buffy/Angel and Faith is there to tell Buffy that Spike tried to hook up with her and Giles’s great aunts. So, who knows what is going to happen with Buffy/Angel and Buffy/Spike.

James Marsters in an interview seemed to indicate that there was going to be some positive Buffy/Spike stuff in BtVS S8. And given he seems to be friends with Nicholas Brendan and given Nick Brendon has written some Issues, there is some hope.

The most confusing thing is that apparently all the zompires in the world are now dust? And Buffy and Co. seem about to dust Vicki and Co. So what is BtVS S10 going to be about?

Anyway, the Issue was relatively fantastic, but I do assume a lot of us had very low expectations for BtVS S10 and so are pleasantly surprised given how things could have possibly gone.

19 03 2014

Nice review Georgia, I’ll admit I pretty much gave up on Buffy last season and the Angel book, while much better peed me off after the Spike crossover. So I may start reading again this season. If not, your reviews are the way I keep up. 🙂 I don’t expect any Spuffy romance though ,I think the writing is on the wall that they will not get together, and that pretty much was what was keeping me interested:( *sigh*

20 03 2014

Ditto on the for sure Buffy-Angel reunion this season – this issue has set that up with all for forgiveness to all around. BUT – I am intrigued with the reference of old boy-friends becoming Gods – Is that what Buffy saw Angel/Twilight as a friggin God.

I absolutely hate the idea of Angel coming over into the Buffy book – any reconciliation between the two could easily happen without his physical presence in a crossover issue.

Maybe I’m just my long years of disappointment with the Buffy-Spike relationship and never allowing for Buffy to declare her feelings of love for him that sets me into automatic “pissed off” mode when I think of Buffy and Angel post The Twilight Times in any positive way. It most certainly would be good from the perspective of a spiritually and emotionally better place but it gets to me. I know it needs to happen and it will, but I hope with all my heart that Buffy gives him the you live your life over in London and we can move on lives – but I don’t want to be involved with you again.

I’m totally loving this transformation of Giles – it was a great character change and brings something fresh into the franchise.

Good review – looking forward to reading them for this new season. I also liked Andrew and Dawn together – I liked them together in the series also.

30 03 2014

Thanks, Georgia !

I also like the issue very much. I was thinking that I have done with the comics, but now I decide to read this new season. I like that Spike has such a big role in this first issue and I hope he stay till the end. The relationship between Spike and Buffy reminds me as they were in S 7 . But I think they are just a friends now and this is not enough to me. I hope they become romanticaly closer soon.

I hate Kennedy and I hope she doesn’t start a new relationship with Willow. I just can’t stand her. About Dawn and Xander – just can’t say much. Don’t like them as a couple till in the beggining, so if they brake up, I’m ok. ANd I want to see much , much more of Giles !!!!!

9 08 2016

Thank you, Georgia. 🙂

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