Review, Angel & Faith S10#01 (Where the river meets the sea, Part 1)

2 04 2014


Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Will Conrad
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Scott Fischer

Angel’s work is never done. During his most recent world saving, a part of London was transformed and flooded with magic. Who better to watch over this magical community than Angel? At least, that’s what he thinks. Meanwhile, Faith starts a new chapter in her life—slaying zompires alongside Buffy?!

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Angel and Faith resurrected the Watcher Rupert Giles and saved the world from a magical virus, sacrificing a corner of London to do it. The affected area – now called “Magic Town” – is filled with people transformed into magical creatures, some struggling to survive, some abusing strange new powers. Now Angel is once again looking out the fallout of his actions, while Faith, having brought back Giles to America, explores her options…

So, here we have the first issue of Angel and Faith. Which right from the beginning gives us exactly where the characters are and what has been happening. It is true that the people who haven’t read Season 9, they will need some time to get into the point of what’s happening, but Victor tries his best to make it easy for them. And it works. The reader quickly gets into the story, realising that a part of London now works as a “Magic Town” in which all of the former humans, who were transformed into every kind of creature, live. With every possible problem that may come up because of that. And Angel returns to his roots, trying to fix the fallout of his actions, but without any back up help or team next to him this time.

As for Faith, she’s considering Kennedy’s offer to work for her, while trying to get Giles to Buffy. Those scoobie panels with Giles seem a little bit hard to get, if you haven’t read 2 weeks ago Buffy’s #1. Although the art does a great job in covering emotions, the lack of dialog is kind of annoying, for those who have missed the Buffy issue you may say. And for those who haven’t, well some of the panels are the same, just drawn by different artists. On the other hand though, we see those panels from Faith’s point of view and eyes, so words and what the scoobies say with Giles actually are not important. Because she’s not a part of them. Or at least she feels like that once again, which will help her take her decision.

I don’t know how they will work with Faith’s story in the following issues. But it is rather unfair to expect us to purchase both of the titles in order to understand better the story that runs at the same time in both comics. For the first time I can accept it, I just hope that that won’t continue for long and that it will end soon. I don’t blame Victor for that, since he had the bad luck in getting published later that Gage, nor would I have blamed Gage had he been the second in the row. I just don’t know whose decision was to have Faith in both titles, telling the same story. Like I said, I hope that won’t keep on happening in future issues.

Victor did a great job in voicing the characters. I could hear Angel’s inner thoughts, and also Faith’s. I loved Victor ever since he wrote Spike’s mini and since I’ve read more of his work. His style and way of expressing is there. I think I would have preferred him in the Buffy title, but so far I believe he did a good job in voicing Angel and Faith. And his humor is there also, like when Angel slapped that little creature (not sure how it’s actually called in english). Yeap, totally something that Victor would give directions to the artist on how to draw.

As for the art? All I can say is that when I heared that Rebekah Isaaks was moving to the Buffy title, I was so excited! Finally an artist that Buffy deserves! But now why do I think that A&F got, again, the better deal? Conrad’s Angel is just, Angel himself. Emotions, body language, background, everything there. His Faith doesn’t look much like Eliza but he gave her his own style, which is fine by me, since her way of showing doesn’t change from panel to panel and it’s always recognizable, like the rest of the characters. Remind me again where was that artist during seasons 8 and 9 and why is it now that he’s taken over a Buffyverse title?

So, a great start for the new A&F book. Don’t miss it.


There are 2 more preview pages of the uncanon story that James Marsters has written and will be published by Darkhorse Comics. I thought of posting the pages, but I won’t do it. Actually the dialog is somewhat out of place, Spike certainly didn’t sound ever like that. I will read it once it’s out, but so far all those preview pages have done anything but impress me. Only the art is good, the story is not (Marsters has talked about it numerous times in cons so basically all the online Buffyverse fans know what and how happens….) and the words, Spike’s words, sound like something that Spike would actually never say…whatever.




8 responses

2 04 2014

What is going on with that Spike comic!!!!? Spike had been getting by without murdering for years so that is just a stupid comment, but the voice is all wrong and the story set up is really weak. It is such bad fanfic I think it is a bit insulting to fans to produce it as anything other than JM’s bizarre AU Spike. Didn’t JM say that he has been discussing other stories for Spike with one of the old BtVS writers? I am considering not buying this as my contribution to it bombing out and hopefully being a one-off if the writing is going to be that poor.

2 04 2014

I won’t purchase it. I’ll read it, but not immediately and not sure whether I’ll review it. I had enough with the negative reviews during S9, enough, I hope. And enough of talking about the fanfic that will be published.
(Maybe I should send a script over to Darkhorse? If James got published, I believe I have chances as well. At least my story won’t be about boots and drawing my boyfriend in it..)

2 04 2014

Great review, Gigi! You made me to read and this comics! LOL Yeah, I’ve just read the issue and I loved it – I ever knew that Victor will do a great job voicing the characters. Angel sounds in 100% Angel! 😉 And the art is really remarkable – I love Rebekah’s art, but I have to say Angel&Faith comics got the better artist again! Angel’s image is brilliantly captured! And yeah, good question, Gigi – where was that artist during seasons 8 and 9? I got really tired of Jeanty’s cra…ehr… cartoonish drawings all these two Buffy seasons and I wasn’t sure that I could take more of his “art”… Whatever – I’m really happy to have Rebekah Isaacs and Will Conrad in Buffyverse comics now! About the repeated Buffy’s scene – I loved it – it was muted because it was from the Faith’s view and I loved and the artist’s view of that. I hope there will be more scenes like these in the both comics from a different view.
About preview of James’s comics of Spike – the art is awesome – reminds me of Paul Lee’s art, but the writing is… strange and disappointing. James’s Spike just doesn’t sound like Spike at all – I can’t believe that someone who played Spike seven years can’t voice the character well – Victor and Brian, even Scott Allie voiced Spike much, much better! And the story “Spike getting new shoes” sounds pretty blunt to me – in the show Spike was fighting for his soul, and in Marsters’s version he is fighting for a pair of new boots. Sorry, but that sounds ridiculous. I’ve read an interview with James where he said that he sent his script to Joss, but Joss didn’t reply… Well, I can guess why…
p.s. Gigi, the little creature that Angel slapped is Pixie – the Pixies are a kind of naughty and mischievous little fairies. Well I think they aren’t exactly bloodthirsty, but maybe they are mutated who knows! 😉

2 04 2014

Thank you for a great review, Gigi.

I liked the issue. Good start. I read it unspoiled and hoped till the last page that “she” is Drusilla. Nadira as a new Angel’s big bad is a strange choice. Maybe she’s just a little bad, while a real Big Bad will be Pearl now. Women as Angel’s main adversaries would be an interesting change of tone.

So, are the Mutant Pixies somehow related tо the fairy on “Buffy”, from the underworld? Just asking. 🙂

3 04 2014

Good idea. We’ll see if they are actually mutated fairies.

3 04 2014

Thanks for the review, Gigi !

BTW, I also read these 4 Spike pages and i’m so disaponted. This is not Spike who I know and love. I liked the art, but the script was very lame. I still think that this is some kind of joke. I can’t believe that James can’t handle with the task , to describe Spike’s character. it’s imposile , IMO. He plays this character himself, he should know how to write it. And this dark haired woman was too much to me.

3 04 2014

I think playing Spike was James’s job and he did it brilliant, I did respect him as an actor, but that doesn’t mean he is still into the Spike’s image and during the years he forgot a lot of things about Spike’s character and that’s why his story and his voicing of Spike sound to… weird. Yeah, it’s stupid to see the newly souled Spike to hanging in some small town, to think about getting new boots, to want to date with some dark-haired bitches and to remember some stupid moments of his life. That is just wrong!!!!! After getting his soul Spike was confused, he was almost mad, and you know the First Evil has been possessed his new soul, he wanted to cut his heart off his chest, he wanted to be a man he mustn’t, he thought all about Buffy and what he done to her, he was begging for forgiveness. How the hell that man would think about new boots or about dating with someone else!?!
James is doing a big mistake to lay on his old Spike’s glory and still try to earn money of it. That’s it.

5 04 2014

But I can’t believe that James has forgot Spikes’s character. He is not a fan like we are but IMO we knew Spike better than him. I can’t acept that he may forgot his character . He was in Spike ‘s shoes for 5 or 6 years. May be he is a good actor which doesn’t mean that he is a good writer as well. Let this job to Joss.

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