Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #02 (New Rules, Part 2)

22 04 2014

The Scoobies are back—including li’l Giles!
Revelations about a new kind of vampire menace
and the blank Vampyr book have only just begun.
Everyone has a job to do, and for Buffy,
it’s treading the road of past relationships.

* The team from Angel & Faith tackles Buffy!

* Executive produced by Joss Whedon!

Writer: Christos Gage
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Steve Morris

After saving the world from Slayer-turned-supervampire Simone, and restoring magic and the life of her magically created sister Dawn, Buffy is in the best place she’s ever been. There is a little weirdness going on, with the Slayer handbook’s pages suddenly being blank… But she’s back together with Willow, Xander and Spike, doing what she was meant to do as the chosen one: slay vampires.

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I am seriously falling in love with this season. Second great issue in a row, third one if we also count A&F #1. Where to begin and where to end without giving any spoilers, I’ve no idea.

Christos Gage continues his great job in voicing the characters. Some problems in my opinion in voicing Anya, but the rest of the gang is right there just like in the show. The Scoobies are back, doing what we haven’t seen them do during last season, which is discussing, communicating with each other, tease one another. The humor is not missing, and yes I have realized how much I missed Xander last season. Spike fans will be thrilled once again, he is definitely part of the gang, and not just talking to Buffy but actually with every one of the characters. So many things happen in just a few pages, we actually see all the characters talking, interacting with one another, pages and panels dedicated to all of them.

But please, enough with the “Billy the male self-called slayer” and his “watcher”. It was about time someone told them they are NOT what they call themselves to be. Nice to see that someone from the writing team actually listens to what fans have to say. I just hope they don’t mess it in the process, please Christo don’t mess it, he is not a slayer. Just tell DH to give him a comic of his own, or don’t mention him again, he won’t be missed at all. If any of the DarkHorse team reads this review, just remember we have problems with the way the character was introduced, hijacking 2 issues of last season, with Buffy accepting him out of the blue and all of a sudden, forgetting that he was still a child and all the problems she had had during the show about endangering other teenagers, her friends, her little sister. Mary-Sue kind of characters have NO PLACE in the Buffyverse.

The art again is magnificent. I really love your talent, Rebekah! Details, emotions, resemblance, proportions, beautiful panels, amazing new race vampires, love it all. Buffy is finally lucky to have a beautiful art covering the panels of her comics!

I won’t continue because I will spoil things, and this issue deserves to be purchased and read. Keep on the great work, and thank you for a lovely second issue!





5 responses

22 04 2014

I really want and need (yes is need at this point) Spike and Buffy moments, I read all the seasons waiting and waiting and waiting for it..we need Spuffy love.

23 04 2014
Kiki May

Nice review! I’m very cautious with the comics because they disappointed me especially in S9 (I can take the fact that S8 was pure crap but I wanted to see something more on S9 and it was mediocre)

There are things I don’t understand: I’m a little puzzled by what Giles says, that the SG members never took “a bloody decision” on their own. Honestly it seems to me that they chose on their own really important stuff and it was always Buffy’s decision that matter when it came to facing the big bads. Giles was an important support, but even in S4 he recognizes that he’s not the decisions leader. Plus big decisions were always a part of Buffy’s life even when she was too young. Honestly these are the things that make me skeptical about the comics.

Plus now resurrection seems a nice decision. As long as nothing goes wrong, no moral dibate on that. It’s like missing some important part of the canon. It feels like they just want to whitewash all Angel’s bad decisions.
The art is finally really good, although I didn’t recognize Kennedy, but I loved Isaacs’ Anya.
I still don’t like Xander/Dawn or I don’t care about the ship. And I don’t care at all about Billy.

23 04 2014

Thank you for the review. I loved the issue. Buffy and Spike’s scene is bittersweet – these two crazy kids always say the wrong things to each other.

24 04 2014

Great review – I am just as enthusiastic about the start of this season – at first I was not sure that I was going to like RI’s Buffy – but I’m loving her vision of the character. Unfortunately for Billy, if he is indeed a new seer/spirit connection he will continue to be part of the new Buffy inner circle – personally, I have no interest in this character and I would much rather have page space devoted to the other new character, Eldre Koh or to more exploration of the primary originals. But, the Buffy could use some new characters, I just wish it could have been a more interesting character than Billy.

One thing that I really disliked in this issue – and it’s primarily because I have such a negative opinion of Angel’s choices and his actions as Twilight, is Willow’s ebullient remarks about Angel and his resurrection of Giles. To me it making yet another effort forced on the readers to forget and forgive the events of the Twilight Times and Angel’s involvement.

Looking forward to reading all your reviews for this season –

25 04 2014

Thanks for reveiw, honey ! I agree that the voice of the characters are done very well. I liked very much the issue. But I still worrie about Spike and Buffy. They still behave just like a friends with each other and this is not enough for me. I preferr they fight, or something, to show some feelings , some passion, you know. But they didin’t . They didn’t in the first issue , they didn’t now. I still can wait for something more between them. After all that’s why I follow the comics all these years.

I also don’t think that Buffy needs Dawling / or anyone else / right now. Like Spike said, she needs someone, who is not “Regular Joe “. I will add – someone like him.

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