Review, Angel & Faith S10#02 (Where the river meets the sea, Part 2)

6 05 2014


Writer: Victor Gischler
Artist: Will Conrad
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Scott Fischer

As Faith awkwardly settles into her new job at Kennedy’s bodyguards-for-hire company, Angel is finding that he knows less than everyone about what is going on in London’s magic town. Trying to get to the bottom of a fiendish group of scheming pixies, Angel travels further down a really wrong road . . .

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Angel and Faith resurrected the Watcher Rupert Giles and saved the world from a magical virus, sacrificing a corner of London to do it. The affected area – now called “Magic Town” – is filled with people transformed into magical creatures, some struggling to survive, some abusing strange new powers. Now Angel is once again looking out the fallout of his actions, while Faith, having brought back Giles to America, explores her options…

Second issue of the new Angel & Faith volume and it follows the footsteps of the previous one. Only this time, at least in my opinion, it’s Faith’s story that actually steals the spotlight and not Angel’s.

I have read a couple of reviews before reading the issue myself and I have to agree with some points which were made by them. First of all, the story is interesting and the atmosphere is great. But like I said in my previous review, it just doesn’t work for me having a title shared by two characters who live and act in different continents. Hopefully I believe that this won’t last more than the first arc, since if I got it right, the first lead that soon the two separate stories will join was given in this issue by Nadira.

On the other hand, Faith gets separated from the Buffy title and starts her own story, while Angel faces Nadira again which will give him more questions and no real answer, instead maybe he is getting his new Angel team somewhere where he least expected it.

I won’t say more about the story. The writing is solid and as good as in the previous issue. Victor proves that he can easily handle the noir atmosphere that Magic Town in London offers while having no problem handling a more down to earth slayer kind of life, at least as far as anyone can say that a slayer’s life is more common. But like I said, I will purchase the following issue wondering of how Faith’s story will continue and less about Angel’s.

As for the art…I am really in no position of actually judging and reviewing the art of this issue. It is great, lovely, imaginable, wonderful, living, do I have to add more adjectives? Conrad’s Angel is the best I’ve seen so far by DarkHorse, and his Faith is even better that in the previous issue. There are some panels of Faith that you can actually see Elisa there. Actually all of Faith’s close ups. We also get some amazing monsters, fighting scenes with real kind of movement, Nadira looks so beautiful, I really don’t have any words left. It’s so good to see that DarkHorse actually listened to our complaints and hired two great artists for season 10. Amazing..

Do I have any complaints about this issue? Like I said the separate stories. And the fact that Victor should have made Faith complain about wearing a skirt. It would have been a good continuity with season 3.

So, since it’s actually slayer’s time, yes, recommended. Another great issue, the season looks so promising!





One response

7 05 2014

I preferred the Angel side of this issue, there is more intrigue to it. Faith’s story feels a bit of a repeat of Buffy’s experience in not fitting with the Deepscan outlook and just a step in her realising where she wants to be and what she wants to be doing. Perfectly valid if it does go along that route and makes sense for her but is just a bit predictable (or it won’t go that way and then won’t be predictable at all :s). It was a good issue but I preferred the first one, the humour was more on the nail running alongside in that one perhaps. But definitely interesting enough to keep reading.

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