Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #05 (New Rules, Part 5)

23 07 2014

When Buffy and crew try to wrest Xander from Dracula’s control, they begin a battle supreme with the terrifying demon that Dracula has become . . .
* Nicholas Brendon joins the writing team!

* The team from Angel & Faith takes over Buffy!

Writer: Christos Gage, Nicholas Brendon
Artist: Rebekah Isaacs
Colorist: Dan Jackson
Cover Artist: Steve Morris

After saving the world from Slayer-turned-supervampire Simone, and restoring magic and the life of her magically created sister Dawn, Buffy is in the best place she’s ever been. There is a little weirdness going on, with the Slayer handbook’s pages suddenly being blank… But she’s back together with Willow, Xander and Spike, doing what she was meant to do as the chosen one: slay vampires.

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It’s been some time since my last review, not much free time unfortunately, then holidays back in Greece (still there for one more month, yes you can feel jealous of me :p) but it’s not like I’ve stopped reading the Buffyverse comics. At least the canon ones since I didn’t bother checking on last week’s uncanon Spike adventure since it has continuity errors. Maybe I’ll read it in the future, for the moment the only reason that I remembered it is thanks to a friend’s letter that was published in today’s letter column, in which all the continuity errors are mentioned.

Anyway back to the comic. The first arc is over, solution how to get rid of the Old One is found, and at the same time the seeds for the future problems that Buffy and her team will face are planted. If you follow the solicits you probably have some idea of what I mean by that. Same thing for some personal problems for some of the characters. Nice Spuffy moments at the last pages, humor is not missing, story is good.

I still have some problems with Anya’s voice and I too don’t like that Giles has been transformed into a powerful wizard, he was nothing close to that during the 7 years of the TV show, not even in S8. But so far I enjoy the story much more than S8 and especially much more than any issue from S9 (besides the first 5 ones). And yes, I look forward to the next one!

And what about the art? Ha, naked Dracula guys! Rebekah, you’re nailing as always!

Keep on reading guys! Nice issue!





6 responses

23 07 2014

well giles’ new propensity for magic could be explained by his resurrection (with all those magical items??), the new seed/magic, or the fact that as a child, the only practical way for him to fight is either with a crossbow/ranged weapon or with magic…otherwise he would just not contribute anything to the battle (a regular kid would just hide until everything was over). recasting giles as an all powerful wizard does stray from canon a bit, but it seems to be an easy way to include him in fights/the story.

23 07 2014

The really weird thing about the JM story is that from what people who have read it say it is clearly placed before S7 starts, after the trials, and says that he was there for weeks getting better. So that doesn’t work with what they have said about it being during the season or only over little more than a day (or him having the coat, although that kind of artistic error isn’t surprising as it is such a part of his ‘look’). But from what I’ve seen said, if they had darkened the tone and made more of the nightmares it could well have worked where JM is writing it to be in that he could have ended up spiralling down more towards the state he was in in the basement when he finally arrived in Sunnydale. Him having doubts about returning and facing Buffy isn’t a huge leap I don’t think. But they keep talking about it as during the season and in the letters agree it should be later, all of which makes it seem like ‘they’ haven’t read it!

I’m amused that they make it sound like it isn’t fair to want to know where it goes before you buy it!!

23 07 2014

I have just read Into The Light and it was worse than I was anticipating. I felt quite enthusiastic after some conversations I had about a pre S7 story if we fanwanked a progressive decline mentally from it but there is virtually zero reference to his nightmares and there are more serious continuity issues than just the coat and it is too much to ignore imo. Spike beats up two humans at the beginning so he has no chip plus of course he has his coat, so early S7 really is out. It wouldn’t work during the season, especially later, either because he is going for a ‘fresh start’ and then gets badly injured which he says takes weeks to get better. Spike wouldn’t have post chip/getting his coat left Buffy and gone off like that. It just simply doesn’t work anywhere in S7.

Mentally move it to post S7 perhaps it could fit somewhere. Quite simply there is no logic at all that they didn’t just do that and they acknowledge in the letters here that that would have worked better. I could ignore the jacket as an artistic error but the lack of chip is just way too big to ignore. It wasn’t a great story generally anyway either and I thought the writing was pretty terrible tbh. Wouldn’t personally recommend it.

23 07 2014

You spent $10 for that?

23 07 2014

Don’t remind me, there’s a bottle of wine there I’ll never see. 😦

I thought it sounded like it might fit pre season after all and then the reviews seemed good, the writing wasn’t slammed by anyone, so I thought the previews were probably just not standing well unsupported. But, no, it fits nowhere in S7 and the writing is terrible.

25 07 2014

thanks for the review, Leyki ! The story was good, but I like the Spuffy moments the most. May be it’s just my opinion, but I find their conversation kinda romantic. And I find Anya very annoyng, but may be, that is the point. She was annoyng when she was alive ,so she is not OOC, LOL.

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