Angel & Faith S10#11 (United, Part 1)

4 02 2015


Writer: Victor Gischler
Pencillier: Will Conrad
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Scott Fischer

Faith Lehane returns to London! Long missing from the scene in Magic Town, the Slayer is back and ready for action—which is going to come as a surprise to her old evil-fighting teammate, Angel . . .

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After a short term of employment with Deepscan, Faith is already return to London’s Magic Town – which she left in a hurry after Whistler’s magical virus spread through Hackney, and where Angel has been helping the folks transformed by the virus, keeping the peace, and getting a little guidance for himself from Nadira. Now the sudden appearance of Winifred Burkle has given Angel a little bit of a shock…

The title of the issue actually says it all. And after almost a year of keeping the two main characters not only separated but also in completely different continents, they finally get united. But it’s not the only one in this issue. There is also Fred with Angel, as seen in the previous issue, Koh with Illyria (quite), Faith with Nadira, new magic Vs old magic.

It’s kind of a strange issue that although many things happen, actually not many things happen. We actually see Faith back in London and the reasons that got her there, she meets with the detective guy, with the aunts, with Angel….who also talks to Fred, revealing to us that all that time Fred was not destroyed but actually part of Illyria so they are actually one and only or they are two different beings in a body, I really didn’t understand that quite well. Probably the latest, maybe it will be explained better in the future. And as guessed years ago by plenty of us, Illyria and Koh have a connection. What is that, well that’s for next issue.

Actually for me the story begins now, so far with all those issue separated in two different parts, I was not very much interested in. Of course maybe it has also to do with the fact that I am more attached to Buffy’s story than Angel’s, but on the other hand I prefer the way that Victor writes the characters than Christos. All that hanging that goes around in Buffy’s issues, and talking about what and how every one feels for anyone, kissing and hanging and hanging again, well many times it seems too much. I think Victor does a better job voicing both Faith and Angel. My biggest complain so far, the separation of the main characters, has finally come to an end, and I believe the big bad of the season has started making the first steps. I will dare saying that it’s the town’s magic, which, as Angel says, is referred to by Nadira as if as it is an entity of its own.

And an amazing job again from Will Conrad. I don’t know how he does it, how he works, but the result is astonishing. After Illyria’s caricature in Season 9, finally a couple of panels which actually present Illyria and not a comic relief miniature. Faith is actually Eliza herself, and so is Fred, although they have the same colors. I am in love with Mr Conrad. Seriously, not kidding.

Looking forward to Koh’s story in the following issue





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