Review, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #13 (Love Dares You, Part 03)

17 03 2015

Some suspiciously supernatural murders have Spike, Xander, Willow, and Giles in a conundrum. They have to talk to Buffy, but there’s something about the killer they’re pretty sure she’s not going to like . . . Meanwhile, Andrew gets some relationship advice from Buffy!

Writer: Christos Gage, Nicholas Brendon
Artist: Megan Levens
Colorist: Dan Jackson

Buffy and the gang struggle with their newfound responsibility, rewriting the rules of magic. Between that and trying to understand the regular ol’rules of love, things are a little heated for our heroes. But this rock-solid group of friends are still enjoying adulthood in a thriving city (or, er…except Giles) until a seriously bad, bad guy comes to roost in a most unexpected place.

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I will have to admit that on my first reading I had a problem with the morning after Spuffy scene. But on the second reading, I believe that it was handled very carefully and correctly. So, if you expect all kisses and hugging the morning after, you’ll be disappointed. Go back and read #12 the very last page and witness again how much upset Spike looked after the dream and then try to imagine how he would feel the morning after. And imagine what Buffy would say, how she would react seeing him like that, and you kind of have the idea. No, it was not a disaster, it was actually a good way to handle it.

As far as the rest of the issue, Andrew’s story seems to finally have a reason of existing, well at least for me. So far this season we’ve been seeing Xander with Dawn kind of mirroring Buffy’s relationship with Spike, now it is actually Andrew’s turn to mirror Buffy’s actions and choices and love life. And actually every single advice she gives to him, is an advice to herself as well, coming out of her own personal experiences. And she knows it very well. What she needed, what she wanted was right in front of her eyes but she had been just intentionally tripping herself trying to avoid getting hurt.

There are also funny moments in the issue, the cross and the stake that Xander gets when he hears about the murders, the one in the preview page, had me laughing for quite some time, especially considering the fact that Spike was looking for trust. Something similar happened with Giles and Willow, and Spike’s “not my idea of fine, Harris!” had me laughing again.

But still, Spike was all wrong not to first trust Buffy with it, but instead going to her friends behind her back and asking them to lie to her, or better, hide it from her until they know more. And Buffy will get mad about it, for sure. What will happen? I won’t spoil the final page, I have already spoiled too much. But what she says, and the words she uses, will make some people very happy, some others not that much. From a shipping point of view, always.

There is also a reason Aluwyn is on the cover, only a couple of pages dedicated to her but very important ones considering what happens. Although the issue is Spuffy centric, Aluwyn deserved a cover in this season, because of how important she’s been to Willow.

I had the intention of talking a little bit about what I’ve been reading the past couple of months in the internet forums and social networks, ever since the Spuffy kiss in #10, but I decided not to. Instead I think that I will write an e-mail to Darkhorse, if they decide to publish it you’ll read my thoughts in 2-3 months in one of the issues, I guess. It feels more appropriate to do it like that than here in the review. But I will say that I am a fan, so far, of the way Cage has been handling the story, and he does a much better job than any of the Buffy writers so far, with the exception of Joss Whedon in S08#05 and S09#01 and Brian K. Vaugham in S8’s issues #6-9 (comparing only the Buffy comic writers, not any of the other mini titles or A&F).

So, about the art, I believe that this is the final issue that Negan Levens has drawn, so farewell to her, although there are promises in the letter column that she may return. I will miss her cute Buffy a lot. Nice choice for Rebekah’s relief, can’t wait to see her again drawing the Buffyverse.

This issue gets a “go get it!” from me.





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